11 Unique Christmas Traditions from Around the World

 December 21,2022

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Every country must have its own characteristics in terms of culture, traditions in celebrating a celebration whether religious celebrations, holidays, weddings and so on  This time Transcapin.com.

Sharing the traditions of celebrating Christmas in each country as follows:

1.Gift Exchange, America

Gift exchange Christmas in USA via Nova centre

Americans Exchange Gifts At Christmas

The Christmas tradition in America is usually thick with exchanging gifts, giving each other Merry Christmas cards, houses full of ornaments, and also Christmas trees decorated with lights and leaves.

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In addition to decorating the Christmas tree, Christians in America usually celebrate Christmas by holding a banquet with family or close friends. The main menu is turkey and this tradition is still developing today since the 18th century.

2.Mango or Banana Tree as a Christmas Tree, India 

Unique tradition Christmas in India  via picscristmas.com 

There is something unique about celebrating Christmas in India. This uniqueness is an unusual Christmas tree because it is made from mango trees or banana trees, different in general which uses fir trees.

Residents' homes in India will also be decorated using mango leaves plus oil lamps placed on each roof or on the walls of each house. If houses in India are decorated with mango leaves, it's different from China.  

3.In China, Christian homes are decorated with lanterns and paper. 

Christmas in China photo by matador.com

 In this Christmas celebration in the Bamboo Curtain country, the peak will occur in the new year.

At that time all the children will get gifts in the form of new clothes, all kinds of fancy food, new toys, and being able to play with fireworks. Usually, family photos or paintings of their ancestors will always be installed in the main room of the house. Home Decorated with Lanterns and Paper, China.

4.Hand in Hand and Light a Candle, Iraq

 Irak people  Christmas time via catholicsun.org 

Christians in Iraq celebrate Christmas by gathering and holding hands while lighting candles. This activity was carried out on Christmas Eve. At that time, a story about how Jesus was born into the world will be told. This moment will be very warm when they gather hand in hand and light candles. After the story about Jesus was read, they continued the event by burning thorns from the bush.

The event is symbolic and has significant meaning for Christians in Iraq because if the thorns burn to the ground and turn to ashes, it means good luck will come to them during the new year.

If the fire is dead, then everyone who is at the event will jump on the surface of the remaining ashes three times while asking for requests and prayers. It is believed that the prayers they recite will be granted

5.Celebrated with a Procession, Bethlehem

Christmas in Bethlehem via pennlive.com

 Try to celebrate Christmas in Bethlehem once in a while, because it's sure to be very interesting and festive. Christmas celebrations in Bethlehem are different from other countries. When celebrating Christmas in Bethlehem, all corners of the city will be decorated with Christmas banners and ornaments.

 When Christmas Eve arrives, all the tourists will gather at the church while watching the annual ceremony such as opera and pageantry. All Christian homes in Bethlehem will be marked with a cross on their respective doors and a giant star will be placed in the town square.

6.Eating KFC, Japan

 Christmas in Japan  via reflectionsenroute.com

 Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) is an important part of Christmas celebrations in Japan. So don't be surprised if you have Christmas in Sakura Country, the most important thing is to eat the KFC chicken menu.

 It happened since the 1970s which started with KFC advertisements which implied that Americans eat KFC for Christmas celebrations. Even now it is still a tradition, and all Japanese people will be willing to line up months before Christmas just to enjoy KFC chicken meat.

7.Hide Their Brooms Norway

Christmas in Norwegia via zipcar.com 

Norwegians At Christmas via zipcar.com

 According to Norwegian folklore, when Christmas Eve arrives, all evil spirits and black magic powers will come out and roam the residential areas. Until now, Norwegians believe that when Christmas Eve comes they will hide the broom before going to bed.

 It is believed that the witch who comes out cannot find a broom to use her evil magic power. Meanwhile, the Norwegian men on Christmas Eve will stay up late and leave the house to shoot their rifles into the sky.

8.Laying Nacimiento, Spain

Nacimiento Christmas in Spanyol via interiordesign2014.com

 Typical Nacimiento At Christmas in Spain via interiordesign2014.com

 The citizens of Spain in celebrating Christmas will usually put a Nacimiento or diorama about the birth of Jesus Christ in the living room of their house. Then all family members must surround the diorama.

 While walking around, they have to recite prayers and sing Christmas-themed songs. The unique tradition of this event is that they usually hang their shoes above the window. The shoes will be filled with candy and Christmas gifts.

9.Lighting Candles All Night, Ireland

Photo by Alibaba

When Christmas Eve comes, Irish people celebrate by lighting candles at home. The candle must be lit by the youngest child in the family. Then the candle was placed in the big window.

The candle cannot be extinguished, it must burn all night. Because it serves as a light for others who are looking for shade. They believe that the people who take shelter near the candles in their house are Mother Mary and Joseph. 

10.Doing Summer Activities, Australia

 Christmas in Australia Falls in the Summer

 Usually in European countries, Christmas falls in winter. But in Australia it's different. Christmas in Australia always coincides with summer, so Christmas celebrations in Australia are always held in swimming pools, on the beach or in shopping centers.

Cricket sports are always held in celebration of Christmas, usually held the day after Christmas. A rowing competition was also held. The rowing competition starts from Sydney to Hobar which is in Sydney harbour.

 Cricket and rowing are two sacred events for Australians at Christmas. In addition to sports, they also celebrate gatherings and meals with their beloved families.

11.Tradition Christmas in Indonesia

Christmas in Manado Indonesia

Christmas traditions in Indonesia are very diverse, because in Indonesia it consists of many tribes, islands so each part celebrates it according to its own characteristics, in Indonesia Christmas is celebrated with gatherings of family, relatives, friends and neighbors. Meat roasting event in Papua, the tradition of wayang Wahyu performances, Yogyakarta , the key year of Manado, Rabo rabo Jakarta, Penjor and genjot in Bali.

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