15 Delicious Christmas Snack from Various Cauntries Around The World

December 19,2022

Christmas snack

Each event must have its own qualities, such as the event of Xmas.

When Xmas comes, many customs are performed and various dishes are offered.

This article will discuss a variety of typical Xmas treats from worldwide that can make it also warmer. Throughout family events, unique foods will usually be offered which can include to the warm atmosphere of Xmas event.

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Not just in Indonesia, each nation also has its own unique food.

Interested about what foods are usually offered at Xmas events? Inspect out the reviews, begin! 


Panettone photo by pinterest

Panettone is a type of cake typical of Milan, Italy, which is usually ready and consumed at Xmas, and is among the signs of the city of Milan. It has a dome form and is usually about 30 centimeters high. It's made from a soft, under cooked dough full of raisins and sweets. Panettone is typically sliced and offered with a wonderful warm drink or wonderful wine such as spumante or moscato.

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One of the most well-known manufacturers of this cake are Motta, Alemagna and Le tre Marie; in the very early 20th century, saying the name Motta meant saying panettone. Since the 19th century, Lombardy is known as a pannetonne-producing area.

Manufacturing methods have been changed because of new European food regulations, as the traditional prep work requires that the dough must not be fully prepared and the raisins must be fermented. Therefore the preference of panettone is currently various compared with traditional panettone. The production of this bread is quite stringent, "real" pannettone must not include greater than 20% sweet fruit, greater than 16% butter, and eggs must include at the very least 4% egg yolk.

2.Shortbread, Scotland

Shortbread cookies
photo by pinterest

In Scotland, there are cookies commonly known as shorties. This dry snack is commonly eaten all year round. Biscuits with butter as the main ingredient are the best snacks for the holidays or New Year's. Stained glass cookies, England.

Pastries that have a clear layer like glass in the middle, are usually hung on a Christmas tree in England. Inside is filled with cheerful colors.

3. Pernik na Figurky Cookies, Czech

Pernik na Figurky Cookies, Czech
Photo by signup genius

Pernik na Figurky Cookies are traditional cookies that are usually served at Christmas. This cake is suitable as a gift or eaten with a cup of tea. This cake is made from ginger spice.

4. Polish Ko?aczki, Poland

This classic Eastern European cake uses a cream cheese dough. These ingredients make this cake have a crunchy and sweet texture.This cake is filled with fruit, nuts or cheese.

5. Fritule, Croatia

Fritule photo by spar har

This fried snack is shaped like a mini donut. This snack has a sprinkling of orange peel and raisins. Fritule has been a snack at Christmas since 100 years ago

6.Madeleines, France

Madeleines photo by great British bake of

The French have a lot of baked goods served at Christmas. One of the most well-known baked goods is Madeleines, a sponge cake with a hint of vanilla and orange zest. This cake is usually served on Christmas Eve with a cup of tea or coffee.

7.Butter Cookies, Netherlands

Butter cookies photo by dreamtime.com

These soft ring-shaped butter cookies are made with sugar, vanilla and other ingredients to make a typical Dutch cake. Usually, it is added with almond flour so that the texture is softer.

8. Pizzelle, Italy

Pizzelle,photo by the Pioner woman

Pizelle like cloth with little white lace. This typical Italian snack is molded using a special waffle iron. The ingredients for making it are anise, vanilla, almonds, orange peel, and chocolate. 

9.Krumkake Cookies, Norway

Krumkake,photo by bigger bolder baking

There is a mold like an iron that prints and bakes this typical Christmas cake. After printing, the dough is shaped into a cigar or cone.

10.Alfajores, South America

Alfajores,photo by chipa the dozen

In South America, alfajores is a traditional food that is only served during the holidays. This cake is shaped like a sandwich with caramel filling in the middle.

11. Besitos de Coco, Puerto Rico

Besitos de coco photo by placer Al plato

This cake from Puerto Rico is quite popular. An easy coconut cake to make and usually served with nuts or chocolate as a topping.

12.Struffoli, Italy

Struffoli mesies photo by cookido

Struffoli is a typical Christmas cake in the shape of a honey ball sprinkled with colorful sprinkles. This recipe is believed to be a derivative of an ancient Greek snack recipe.

13. Biscotti, Italy

Biscotti photo by food network

Biscotti is a crispy cake that is usually made with various flavors. How to enjoy it, usually dipped in a glass of vino santo or holy wine.. 

14.Almond macarons, France

Almond macarons,photo by Taste

This macaron is different from the colorful macaroon. This almond macaron has a dense texture with a crunchy exterior. However, the middle is chewy.

15.Cinnamon Palmiers, France

Cinnamon Palmieri photo by food network

Cinnamon palmiers are light pastries that are shaped like elephant ears. This snack is made from a roll of puff pastry dough that is smeared with sugar paste and cinnamon.

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