Christmas Food from Around the World in 2023

December 18,2022

celebrate Christmas together

Christmas is indeed one of the days that Christians around the world have been waiting for. Christmas celebration is also a moment to gather with extended family. When the family gathers, we are also waiting for a delicious Christmas special dish and this time I will share some of the food that is served at Christmas around the world. 

1.Ris a La Mande Denmark

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Ris a La Mande is a sweet dish that is always served at Christmas in Denmark. Ris a La Mande itself consists of milk, vanilla, rice, and whipped cream, for its own texture is similar to rice pudding which is considered a delicious Christmas dessert. 1 spoon of Ris a La Mande tastes delicious because there are pieces of almonds in the Ris a La Mande. This Stollen has a dense and tasty texture. one fruit stollen is usually mixed with fruit and marzipan sprinkled with sweet powdered sugar.

2.Stollen Germany

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Stollen is usually always there during Christmas celebrations in Germany. Stollen has indeed become a mandatory food during Christmas celebrations from the 15th century until now, you guys.

3.El Dia De Los Reyes Mexico

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El Dia De Los Reyes it self means The Three Kings. This one cake is usually a dish that is eagerly awaited by the family. You know, guys, in Mexico they usually celebrate Christmas on January 6, it's really unique, right guys. What's unique about El Dia De Los Reyes is that inside the cake is buried a figure of the baby Jesus and usually the family eats this cake, who gets the baby figure? jesus, then they will be godparents that year, how interesting is it to celebrate Christmas in Mexico?

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4.Apples (China)

Apple pin guo  China 

Apples Indeed, in China there are no interesting cakes, puddings, or drinks to be served during Christmas celebrations. Now, what's interesting is that everyone who celebrates Christmas in China usually buys apples and they will give them to each other. Therefore, at Christmas, there are usually lots of vendors selling apples, in colorful wrappers. Do you know why in China they celebrate by giving apples? Because the Chinese language for Christmas Eve is "Ping An Ye", so the Chinese people hear the words "Pin Guo" which means apple, therefore apples are one of the foods that must be had during Christmas Eve celebrations, guys. This country is very unique.

5.Cookies Canada

Cookies canada

 Maybe some countries consider cookies to be a normal snack. But it's different from Canada, usually they will make cookies for Christmas Eve celebrations and of course there are always Christmas celebrations. so that cookies are also a food that is always eagerly awaited at Christmas, you guys. the difference between cookies in Canada and Indonesia is in the form of larger cookies. 

6.Potato Salad (Czech)

Potato Salad Perhaps most other countries celebrate Christmas will hold a BBQ and get together with the family to eat together. but it's different from the Christmas celebration in the Czech Republic, usually they will eat together with the Stick Salad menu and fried fish which they usually make before Christmas 1 week. So at Christmas, you will definitely have this potato salad, you guys, for the taste, you don't need to ask again, it's definitely delicious, guys. 

7.Ham (Fireland)

Ham special Christmas photo by dreamtime

 A special Christmas dish in Finland. Now for those of you who have family in Finland and decide to celebrate Christmas there, it's definitely very fun, because you can see a lot of food on the table during Christmas celebrations including ham which is eaten with bread + mustard which adds to the delicacy of enjoying one bite of ham.

In addition, usually on a full table there are wine, potatoes, raisins, rice, carrots, laatikot, casserole, and many other dishes that can be eaten during Christmas celebrations.

8.Gourmet-set (Netherlands)

 Christmas celebrations in the Netherlands are almost the same as Indonesia because they usually provide the table with a Gourmet-set consisting of shrimp, meat, lobster and vegetables. the most unique thing is that they usually provide roast duck, roast rabbit and Turkey which are very tasty. Isn't it interesting to celebrate Christmas in the Netherlands?

9.Turkey (Peru)

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Turkey The Next Christmas Special Turkey. Almost the same as Christmas celebrations in the Netherlands, they also usually serve turkey dishes which are usually eaten when celebrating Christmas. In addition to the usual Turkey in Peru they fill the table with boiled potatoes, applesauce, pineapple salad, cherry salad, raisins, marzipa, panettone and meatballs. After eating together, usually in Peru families will gather over a drink together while saying their wishes and embracing each other. How are the celebrations in Peru also very touching? What are you waiting for, let's prepare an interesting and definitely memorable Christmas with your family.

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