Complete Biography of Sehun, a Multi-Talented EXO Member from Korea

December 22,2022

Sehun is a ginseng nation idolizer with countless charm and skills coming from the songs team EXO. Sehun not just pursued an idolizer profession in the entertainment industry, but also developed his potential to become a design, star, hold, and so on. Sehun as a participant of idolizer team EXO. He began his occupation in the entertainment globe in 2010 as the rapper of the team under the auspices of the SM Show.
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Aside from pursuing a profession with his team, Sehun frequently shows up as a style model, variety show musician and celebrity. In truth, quite a great deal of followers say he is the youngest participant that has many skills.

Recently, Sehun played in the Oriental daytime drama Currently, We Are Breaking Up with Tune Hye Kyo and Jang Ki Yong. His role is Hwang Chi Yong, the child of a business proprietor that drops crazy with his colleague and has won a great deal of viewers' attention.

Oh Sehun's complete biography

•Complete Name: Oh Sehun(오세훈)

•Chinese Name: Wu Shi Xun (吳世勛)

•Phase Name: Sehun

•Place of Birth: Jungnang-gu, Seoul, Korea •South Day of Birth: April 12, 1994

•Zodiac: Aries

•Blood Team: O

•Teaching: Institution of Carrying out Arts •(SOPA) Seoul Team : EXO, EXO-K, EXO •SCInstagram: @oohsehunSehun's Picture from Duration to Duration.

•Family: Dad, Mom, Older Sibling (3 years older)

•He was spied on the road when he was just 12 years of ages.

•He is a previous Ulzang.

•He signed up with SM Intermission in 2008 before auditioning in 2 years.

 •He was formally recognized as a participant of EXO on January 10, 2012.

•Nicknames are: " Senshine ", "White Skin"

•Personality : Timid, mischievous, sincere, caring, becomes more vibrant when you know him. 

•He truly cares and shows up deeply about every participant of EXO.

• He prays for them every evening. Sehun is popular with his smooth skin such as milk. •Sehun usually uses a support, before removing the support, Sehun proceeds to wear the support, leaning out his tongue.

It can not be determined properly.

•She is a big follower of Miranda Kerr (Victoria's Trick style).

•He complied with Miranda Kerr right before he produced his Instagram account. •He suched as it when he complied with her back.

•Her pastimes are: such as songs, acting, dance.

•His favorite kind of songs is Hip Jump. 

•His favorite kind of movie: Activity movies.

•His favorite foods are sushi and meat.

•I such as bubble tea.

•His favorite shades are black and white.

•His favorite numbers are 3, 5, 7.

•He is truly shut to Suho. 

•They have known each various other for 9 years (since 2016). 

•He shares a room with Suho. Sehun and Suho recently specified that they were no much longer roommates before Sehun combated Suho. So they presently have separate rooms.

•He is shut to Very Junior's Donghae (because Donghae was the first individual to speak with on the SM Show and protected him since he was a student).

•Sehun discovers secondary school friends with Daeun from the woman team 2Eyes.

•He said he was shut to Seungri, they were both Soju, so he visited Seungris's workshop when both of them had no plans.

•Sehun remains in the BYH8 relationship team with Suho, WINNER's Mino, P. BLOCK B, musician Ryu Junyeol, Lee Donghwi, Byun Yohan, Freiknock many others and Developer. An instance is BoA.

•EXO remained in London, Sehun bought Luhan a "Deer" pendant.

•He said that Suho was the best sibling for him. Suho constantly watched over him.

•He discussed some of the participants played video games to see that was attempting to obtain the job done. 

•When he was a student, the f(x) women would certainly conceal with absolutely nothing to buy food for them when they were starving. 

•They follow such stringent diet plans that they cannot buy food on their own

•He talked that he would certainly deciding for Baekhyun, Chanyeol's bright personality, DO's grin, Suho's confidence, not Suho's rigid body XD.

•He discussed that when he dancings, he concentrates more on the heart of the dancing movement compared to the method.

•He discussed that because of his team 'O', he would certainly be injured if blood objection from several individuals at the same time.

•He discussed, the maximum dimension

is stressing over the various other EXO participants.

•He became the website celebrity of the Oriental daytime drama "Dokgo Rewind" (2018).

•Amber F(x) discussed that Sehun is fine because he is a guy and he is one of the most manly guy and fully grown.

•He is shut to Kuanlin Wanna One, Kuanlin discussed that Sehun never ever pays when they consume with each other.

•He says he might not make the first move on a woman, but if it is real love, he might have the guts to do so.

•Sehun said he didn't obtain married until he mored than thirty years old. He desires a spouse that desires to do her moms and dads well and do the home tasks.

•She remained in Oriental daytime drama: "To The Beautiful You" (cameo 2012-ep 2), "Imperial Villa" (cameo 2013-ep 2), "Exo Next Door" (2015, dramatization website), "Trick Queen Manufacturers" (2018).

•Sehun is a routine star participant of the variety show 'Busted'.

•Sehun is placed 15th in TC Candler's "100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2018" break down.

•Sehun's great kind is a charitable lady with a tidy, bright personality and tidy.

Want to Be a Political leader

Photo by pinterest

As a child, he had wishes of ending up being a political leader. Not without factor. When he remained in primary school, Sehun was often dated by several friends because he had the same name as the mayor of Seoul during that time.

Not disappointed, Sehun was also interested in going into the globe of national politics. When he remained in sixth quality, Sehun had goals to become Head of state of Korea hehehehe.

Met SM Show While Consuming tteohbokki

Sehun's roadway to appeal began suddenly. Unlike most K-Pop actresses that auditioned, Sehun also obtained offers straight from SM Show. The SM Show faction was offered by Sehun to audition to become an starlet when he was consuming Tteokbokki with some friends. After that, Sehun auditioned for 2 years, Sehun had the ability to pass and sign up with as an SM Show student at the age of 12

Gait with EXO

After undergoing educating for 4 years, Sehun finally made his move with the idolizer team EXO.

He became the fifth participant to be formally recognized on January 10, 2012.

Additionally, EXO took activity in April 2012 with the first tune with the title MAMA. During that time Sehun was still 16 years of ages and an energetic trainee at the Institution of Carrying out Arts, Seoul. Success in pursuing a profession as a musician

EXO's success made Sehun's occupation much more sparkling. Beginning in 2016 Sehun started to broaden his occupation right into the globe of acting. He was chosen as an unique star for a Korean-Chinese movie with the title Catman. Recently Sehun appeared in well-known Oriental soap movies and operas.

He became an unique sustaining star in the daytime drama Currently, We Are Breaking Up, and the movie Pirates: The Last Imperial Prize. obtaining it in both jobs was a great function from viewers. In truth, many viewers were also lulled by the romantic episode in between Sehun and his co-star.

Variety Show Participant 

Not just on daytime drama, Sehun attempts to become a variety show celebrity. Since 2017, he is a routine participant of Busted! that shows up on Netflix. At the occasion, Sehun appeared with Park Minutes Young, Kim Se Jeong, Yoo Jae Sook, Lee Seunggi, Kim Jong Minutes, and Ahn Jae Wook. Sehun proceeds to be a long-term participant until period 3.

Brand name Ambassadors Dior

Ambassador Dior photo by youtube

In 2015, Sehun was chosen as the Dior Brand name Ambassador for the Dior Guys Fall 2022 collection by Kim Jones. He became the first guy to be outlined to become a worldwide ambassador for the French brand name.

Before formally ending up being a worldwide ambassador, Sehun was shut to Dior for 2 years on various events. Sehun became the second participant of EXO as a worldwide ambassador for a world-famous brand name. At first, Kai first became a worldwide brand name ambassador for Gucci.Launching Solitary Duet with Chanyeol

EXO SC with the title What a Life.

The first solitary was also quite effective in the marketplace. A year previously, the duet Sehun and Chanyeol launched a small cd themed 1 Billion Views again. 

Lover of drinking Boba milk tea

Sehun and Boba photo by wattpad

It is obvious that Sehun truly likes sugary foods. On several events, he confesses to being a enthusiast of iced delicious chocolate beverages with boba.

His favorite boba shop in Seoul also turned into one of the unique instructions for several EXO-Ls when they visited the Southern Oriental funding.

There, you can purchase Sehun's faves from the food selection and try dishes that Sehun likes.

Energetic on Social Media

For followers that wish to know about Sehun's days, remember to follow his Instagram. Because he is quite energetic in submitting his everyday life on social media.

Sehun as a participant of EXO was the first to have social media. Throughout the first snow, he submitted a video clip as an existing for EXO-L you know.

Sehun is quite energetic doing live to admonish some of his followers on Instagram. Those are pictures and accounts of Sehun, EXO's maknae that has many skills.

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