Get to Know 10 Christmas Knick-Knacks, and Their Meanings

December 22,2023

Christmas knick knacks
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Christmas Day is synonymous with the joyful atmosphere of a united family and brings happiness. Apart from that, decorating the house with unique knick-knacks also enlivens it.

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Besides the Christmas tree, there are many other accessories that must be present at this moment. Even some of them also contain a deep meaning if placed in the house. Summarized from various sources, here are 10 Christmas baubles that you should know and have:

1. Circular Flower Arrangement

Circular Flower Arrangement
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Wreaths are a must-have accessory for Christmas celebrations. Usually placed at the door or window of the house, wreaths are not only decoration but also have a deep meaning. Launching the New York Times page, these accessories mean the perfection, unity and warmth of Christmas.

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By hanging these accessories on doors and windows, it has a lucky meaning for anyone who attends and celebrates this moment.

2.Christmas tree

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No Christmas celebration is complete without a Christmas tree filled with festive lights and other knick-knacks. But what does the Christmas tree actually mean? Launching the History page, by presenting these accessories in the house, it will protect the family from evil spirits and disease when Christmas arrives.

3. Bells

Bells Christmas

Quoted from the Why Christmas page, bells are always present at every Christmas celebration as a symbol of joy and build a happy atmosphere. Therefore, bells cannot be missed from Christmas decorations this year.

4.Tinsel or Paper Decorations

Tinsel photo by BBC

Formed from metallic colored paper and cardboard, tinsel conveys the meaning of the light that illuminates the Christmas celebration. Usually hung on a Christmas tree or door, this decoration will reflect light when exposed to lights.

5. socks

Socks Christmas photo by AliExpress

Often hung above the fireplace, socks are also one of the traditions that often decorate Christmas. That said, Santa Claus will give gifts by putting them in a bag or stocking this Christmas. There are also those who believe that socks with Christmas ornaments are specially given and worn when Christmas arrives.

6. Gingerbread Men 

Gingerbread men
 photo by unpeeled journal

Initially gingerbread men were only popular in European countries with their shape consisting of two, namely Santa Claus and an angel. Then as time went by, this cake began to have other unique shapes, one of which was a human shape. Launching the TIME page, gingerbread men were first made by Queen Elizabeth. Gingerbread Men itself is the meaning of love and love for someone.

7. Candy Cane

candy cane Farmer's Almanac

Candy canes or candy are never missing from accessories at Christmas celebration moments. The unique shape and the lines surrounding the candy have a deep meaning. Launching the Insider page, the three small lines mean the power of Jesus to heal and the three outlines mean the blood of Jesus that was spilled on the cross for eternal life.

8. Exchange gifts

Exchange gift photo by forbes

The tradition of exchanging gifts has become part of the festive Christmas celebration. In fact, this event has existed since ancient times when the birth of Jesus was greeted with various gifts. Christmas gift itself means giving gifts to others.

9.Santo Claus

Santa Claus 

Santa Claus is always present at Christmas celebrations to give surprises. For this reason, choosing Santa Claus as a Christmas accessory can bring grace and happiness in the joy of Christmas.

10. Star


Star ornaments are usually placed on a towering Christmas tree. Not just accessories, stars also mean clues to meet Jesus.

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