Must Know! These 10 Items Should Not Be Microwave

December 16,2022

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The era is modern, sophisticated tools are created to make it easier for humans to use them. For some people, being busy takes up their time, and the easiest thing to make it easier to go about their daily activities is to use electronic devices that are easy, simple and don't take up time... one of them is the microwave. Microwave is an electronic item that can facilitate a lot of work in the kitchen. This tool can be used to heat food and drinks with just one push of a button. You can heat the food for either 1 minute or a few seconds. In general, microwaves use a lot of electricity, but you can also choose a low-power microwave.

However, please note that there are some items that cannot be placed in the microwave. Here's the exposure:

 1. Meat

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 Frozen cuts of meat are difficult to thaw in the microwave. And if your microwave doesn't rotate the food while it's cooking, heat distribution will be uneven, which can potentially allow bacteria to grow.

 The safest way to thaw meat is to take it out of the freezer, then store it overnight in your refrigerator, according to food safety experts in the department of food science at Pennsylvania State University.

 2. Mugs


Stainless steel mugs block heat so it can damage your microwave. If your mug is made of plastic, check the bottom of the cup to see if it can be used in the microwave.

 3. Dry sponge


 Sponges are one of the objects in the house that can store bacteria. However, putting a dry sponge in the microwave to kill bacteria is a bad idea. That's because the microwave reacts with water so that if a dry sponge is put in the microwave it will actually damage it.

 4. Boiled eggs


 Never try to boil eggs in the microwave. This is because the rapid heat from microwaves creates a lot of steam inside the egg so that the egg can explode. In addition, exploding eggs will be difficult to clean.

 5. Aluminum foil

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 These things can block microwave energy. Even if you want to use it, make sure you use as little aluminum foil as possible, for example, only in the corner of the food container.

 6. Plastic container


 Plastic containers that do not say "micowave safe" are unsafe to put in the microwave as they will melt and burned. 

 7. Clothes dry quickly 


Some people may be tempted to put clothes in the microwave. However, it is a bad idea considering that this could start a fire.

 8. Metal case


 Do not use metal food containers, as they may generate dangerous sparks. It's best to avoid containers made of aluminum, iron pots, tin plates and bowls, and so on. Replace the metal container with one that is heat-resistant and suitable for use in microwave ovens.

 9. Styrofoam

 The unclean styrofoam container is put in the microwave. Styrofoam is a type of plastic, which does not mix well with microwave temperatures.


Red chili doc: haibunda

The first food we should never ever put in the microwave is warm peppers.

Because no matter of the kind, chili consists of a substance called capsaicin which is the resource of its spiciness.

When heated, the capsaicin in the chilies will vaporize, spread out and be caught in a shut microwave.

If the microwave door is opened up, the capsaicin-containing fumes can aggravate and melt our lungs, throat, nose and eyes.

For that, it is best to heat chilies by roasting, sautéing, or melting them.

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