Top 11 Best Historic Tourist Spots in Germany

December 31,2022

Europe the most popular vacation spot for tourists from various countries,And the European area has been famous for a long time, art, culture, tourism and the hospitality of its inhabitants.

Charlottenburg Germany photo fotocomunity

Discussing the best tourist attractions in Europe is endless, because there are so many beautiful tourist attractions that are worth visiting. 

1.Spree River

Spree river photo by skydiving world

The River Spree is a renowned river that goes through the German mentions of Saxony, Berlin and Brendenburg. On top of that, this river also goes through the Ústí nad Labem location in the Czech Republic.

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The Spree River has to do with 400 kilometres lengthy. The tourists can stroll about this river. After that, there are also several watercrafts to simply see this amazing river view.

2.DDR Gallery

DDR gallery photo by Tripadvisor

DDR Gallery is a gallery located in the facility of Berlin and not much from the Berliner Dom. This gallery opened up on July 15, 2006 and became an exclusive gallery.

This gallery houses various collections such as old typewriters, old photo tools, old music a lot more, and tools.

3.Schloss Charlottenburg

Schloss Charlottenburg photo by viator

Schloss Charlottenburg or Charlottenburg Royal residence is a royal residence in Berlin and reflects the grandeur of the Hohenzollern clan that ruled the location from 1415 to 1918.

In this place there are various collections of French paints, collections of Chinese and Japanese porcelain, as well as various collections of fine furnishings.


Olympiastadion photo by Wikipedia

Olympiastadion is a sporting activities arena located in Berlin and designed by German architect Werner March. The arena was built in between 1934 and 1936 for the Berlin Olympics in 1936.

This arena can accommodate viewers with a capability of 74,475 individuals. This arena is used as a location for various champions consisting of the world cup.

5.Charlottenburg park

Charlottenburg photo by Wikipedia Commons

Palace Tourism in Berlin this set is no much less popular and is among the intriguing picture spots, specifically the Charlottenburg Royal residence. This royal residence building is very beautiful and luxurious which represents the grandeur of the Prussian Kingdom in old times.

When it wased initially built, Charlottenburg Royal residence was simply a small royal residence yard. With time, this place remained to be built previously has a location of 505 make even meters and is the biggest royal residence in Germany.

The royal residence was integrated in the 17th century and the development was just finished in the 18th century. The royal residence is wonderfully decorated in the timeless Baroque and Renaissance building design. In the yard of the royal residence you can find a large yard bordered by woodland, structure, theater, beautiful corridors and mausoleum.

6.Pergamon Gallery

Pergamon Galleryphoto by SMB mouseum

If you such as galleries, of course you'll find great deals of galleries in Berlin which can not just widen your perspectives but also have beautiful structures, one which is the Pergamon Gallery.

The Pergamon Gallery is without a doubt known for being unique and a bit quirky because it's through a cavern whose materials are a collection of items that are said to be Aladdin's prizes from old times when Europe got on its way to exploring Australia.

In this gallery you can find many beautiful artistic items from Rome, Greece, Babylon and the Center Eastern. You can also find sculptures and monolith collections that are here, which are the outcome of a browse by German archaeologists in the 20th century so you can feel a classic and modern feel at the same time. Not just that, visiting here can also include for your knowledge of background. Not surprising that the Pergamon Gallery is among the popular tourist locations in Berlin.

7.Germany Historic Gallery

Germany Historic Gallery photo by wikiwand

The tourist attractions in Berlin that you should drop in next are the German Background Gallery. This gallery wased established to memorialize the 750th wedding anniversary of the city of Berlin in 1987.

The German Background Gallery is a must-visit for you, particularly those of you that are interested in the background of the very abundant city of Berlin. The gallery is full of intriguing displays of artefacts associating with various durations and important occasions, such as thefall of the Berlin Wall surface. Not just that, this gallery also has a movie theater and research collection that's available to the general public. You do not need to worry if you do not talk German because this gallery has tours with English-speaking overviews available. Once satisfied exploring the gallery, you can rest to rest at the coffee shop in the gallery.

8.The Berlin-Dahlem Botanical 

The Berlin-Dahlem Botanical
photo by visit Berlin

Botanical Gallery and Yard. This tourist spot in Berlin is also quite intriguing to visit because it has its own beauty, specifically the Berlin-Dahlem Botanical Yard and the Botanical Gallery.

Initially this place was the cooking area and natural herb yard of the Imperial Royal residence which was integrated in 1679. This yard inhabits a location of 126 hectares and is among the biggest botanical yards on the planet.

 This Botanical Yard is also the home of greater than 20,000 species of plants that are not just typical European flora but also flora that expand in exotic and subtropical atmospheres at the Great Exotic House. Here you can also find a medical grow yard and a large fish pond that forms the facility of the biotope for plants,sea and overload. Do not forget to also visit the unbelievable Botanical Gallery with its herbarium featuring over 2 million plants and a considerable collection. You can capture the yearly Botanical Evening , an attraction that's considered one of the most romantic in Berlin, if you visit at Xmas.

9.Mauerpark Berlin

Mauerpark Berlin photo by Viator

If you want to have an absolutely remarkable Berlin experience, Mauerpark is the perfect place to visit.

In this tourist spot you can find many individuals singing karaoke throughout Sunday. Here tourists will find flea markets, great food, and faves to dancing with and sing.

10.The Käthe Kollwitz Museum

The Käthe Kollwitz Museum
 photo by pinterest

 This museum was built to honor the great artist Käthe Kollwitz. All of his works express the hopes and pain of the poor living under the horrors of the Nazis. Kollwitz was able to feel what city dwellers living in fear couldn't express, and expressed it through art.

 This privately owned museum is located not far from the Ku'damm, and houses hundreds of paintings and sculptures by Kollwitz.

11.Museum Neues

Museum Neues photo by klook

 The museum is a striking building with interesting textures and frescoes. Visitors will be like reading the walls that tell the story of human ability to create, destroy, and perpetuate.

 The museum houses a collection of Neanderthal skulls, statues of the Egyptian queen Nefertiti, and Heinrich Schiliemann's Trojan antiquities. The building, which was destroyed by a bomb in 1945, was rebuilt by an English architect named David Chipperfield.

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