Top 15 Best Tourist Attractions in Berlin,Germany Which are Amazing to Visit

December 29,2022

The best tourist attractions in Berlin are the choice for tourists to explore Germany.Berlin is the resources of the Government Republic of Germany since 1994.The city of Berlin has a location of ​​approximately 891.8 km² with a populace of 3.47 million in 2012.


Berlin became the second biggest city in the European Union after London. 

There are great deals of well-known tourist attractions that must be visited when taking a trip to this city of Berlin.

The following is a checklist of the 15 best tourist attractions in Berlin, Germany, which are amazing to visit

 1.Brandenburg Gateway

Brandenburg gateway Photo by The Ritz carlton

The Brandenburg Gateway is among the best tourist attractions in Berlin because it's among the main signs of Berlin.

This gateway lies in between Pariser Platz and Platz des 18. The Brandenburg Gateway is composed of twelve Doric columns, with 6 on each side developing 5 entryways to the main roadway.

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Building and construction of this gateway was designed by an architect Carl Gotthatd Langhans, and the building and construction of this building began in 1788 and was finished in 1971.

2. The Berlin Wall surface

Berlin Wall photo by pinterest

The Berlin Wall surface is an obstacle made of concrete and built by the German Autonomous Republic that divides West Eastern Berlin and Berlin.

The Berlin Wall surface building has an elevation of 3.6 meters and broke down because of Demolition. The Berlin Wall surface dropped on November 9, 1989 which marked the unification of West Eastern Germany and Germany.

3. Reichstag

Reichstag Berlin photo by pinterest

The Reichstag building is a structure that was set up as a place for the German Royal parliament to convene. This building was opened up in 1893 and provided a place for parliament until 1922. After that it became the seat of parliament again from 1999 previously. The roof covering balconies and domes of this building can be visited by the general public in public and offers a really amazing view. Interested in taking images at among the best tourist attractions in Berlin?

4. Checkpoint Charlie Gallery

Checkpoint Charlie gallery photo by pinterest

Is among the well-known galleries in the city of Berlin. The gallery takes its name from a renowned going across point on the Berlin Wall surface.

Checkbox Charlie Gallery is open up everyday from 9.00 AM to 10.00 PM. This gallery wased established after the building and construction of the Berlin Wall surface, specifically on October 19, 1962 by Dr.Rainer Hildebrant.

The objects on display at this gallery are initial artefacts that have escaped such as warm air balloons, small submarines, aircrafts, and cars. On top of that, this gallery consists of some paperwork and background from Germany.

5. Berliner Dom

Berliner Dom photo by Laura lamas

Berliner Dom or often known as Berlin Sanctuary is the brief name for the Grand Church Church located in Berlin, Germany.

This building has an elevation of 98 meters and was opened up in 1905. This place is very intriguing to take images with friends and family. Tourists can also see the beauty of the dome architecture from this building.

6. Tiergarten

Tiergarten park photo by Berlin de

The Tiergarten is one of the most well-known internal city park in Berlin. The Tiergarten Park has a dimension of 210 hectares and is among the biggest city parks in Germany.

In this beautiful park, tourists can enjoy a barbecue in tranquility looking at the cool scenery. On top of that, site visitors can do running, biking, having fun others, and football.


Pergamon Museum photo by Culture trip

The Pergamon Gallery is a gallery located on Gallery Island, Berlin, Germany. This place was designed by Alfred Messel and Ludwin Hoffman which was built over 20 years from 1910 to 1930.

The gallery is separated right into 3 specifically the Antikensammlung, the Vorderasiatisches Gallery, and the Gallery für Islamische Kunst.

Antikensammlung is a collection of Greek and Roman art which contains collections of antiquities such as architecture, sculpture, mosaics, bronzes, porcelains and jewelery. Vorderasiatisches is a collection from the Center Eastern consisting of Assyrian, Babylonian societies, and Sumerian.

On the other hand, the Gallery für Islamische Kunst or Islamic Art Gallery is a gallery that accumulates various kinds of Islamic art.

8. Pariser Platz

Parizer Platz photo by wikipedia

Pariser Platz is an area in main Berlin, Germany and lies by the Brandenburg Gateway at completion of Unter den Linden.

Site visitors can stroll and take some images in among the best tourist attractions in Berlin.

9. Alexanderplatz

Alexanderplatz photo by visit Berlin de

Alexanderplatz is a dynamic, tiled park or make even located in the facility of Berlin, shut to the financial institutions of the river Spree and the Berliner Dom.

This tourist attraction is a historical meeting place and is remained to this particular day. This name was given up recognize of the arrival of the Russian Tsar, Alexander I, that visited the city of Berlin in 1805.

10.Holocaust Memorial

Holocaust Memorial
 photo by the grazy tourist

Holocaust Memorial is a memorial in Berlin to memorialize the occasions of the Holocaust. After a lengthy debate in 1999, the German parliament decided to develop a main website Memorial for the murder of European Jews.

The memorial opened up in 2005 and was designed by New York architect Peter Eisenman.

This website has a location of ​​19,000 m², and the architect positioned the concrete at various elevations so that it gives a really intriguing impression.

11. Fernsehturm

Fernsehturm photo by pinterest

Fernsehturm is a tv loom located in the facility of Berlin, Germany and is made of concrete.

The area of the loom gets on the Hoher Bopser hillside southern of Stuttgart and after 20 months of building and construction, the loom was finished on 5 February 1956.

The loom is used to broadcast several FM radio terminals and the German TV network ARD.

12.Mauerpark Berlin

Mauerpark Berlin photo by pinterest

If you want to have an absolutely remarkable Berlin experience, Mauerpark is the perfect place to visit.

In this tourist spot you can find many individuals singing karaoke throughout Sunday. Here tourists will find flea markets, great food, and faves to dancing with and sing.

13.Zoologischer Garten Berlin

Zoologischer Garten Berlin,photo

Commonly known as the Berlin Zoological Yard or the Berlin Zoological Yard, it's among the biggest zoos in Germany with the biggest variety of species on the planet. The zoo and fish tank here in 2017 is visited by greater than 3.5 million tourists.

This zoo was opened up in 1844 with a location of ​​about 35 hectares and its area remains in the Berlin Tiergarten. This zoo has about 1,380 various species and greater than 20,200 pet collections.

The zoo accumulates all kinds of amazing pets such as polar births, pandas, mammals, birds, a lot more and penguins.

On top of that, there's an fish tank made in 1913, where this place accumulates various kinds of aquatic life and fish. After that, this tourist attraction also stores various kinds of reptiles, invertebrate pets and amphibians.

14. Hackescher Markt

Hackescher Markt
 photo by Creme guides

Hackescher Markt can be a place for shopping and searching for various kinds of food. On top of that, tourists can also appearance for keepsakes if they get on a barbecue to Germany.

There are also many great places to find coffee shops here and dining establishments.

15.Gallery Island

Museum island photo by pinterest

or commonly called the Sinsel Gallery is a gallery for gathering various kinds of historical productions and artistic.

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