34 Variety of Traditional Clothing from all Provinces in Indonesia

 January 18,2023

Traditional clothing from Palembang
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The richness of Indonesia's cultural customs can be seen from various aspects, such as traditional houses, traditional dances, local languages, and the traditional clothes of each region. All of them have characteristics throughout the archipelago.

 Traditional clothing is one of certain ethnic or tribal identities in Indonesia. Usually it is often worn when traditional ceremonies take place, such as weddings that use regional ordinances.

 This cultural asset in the field of fashion is able to survive the development of modern and very fast fashion in the world. The younger generation who are rich in ideas often modify traditional clothing to remain fashionable for casual occasions.

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 Indonesian traditional clothing is also a symbol of each region in the country. Each province has a characteristic traditional dress that symbolizes regional uniqueness. The patterns and colors of traditional Indonesian clothing also vary, ranging from bright color combinations to colors that tend to be subdued.

 As young people who love Indonesian culture, it would be nice if we continued to preserve regional clothing as a national identity.

1.Ulee Balang Traditional Clothing from Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam


 Aceh is a province of Indonesia, which is nicknamed Veranda of Mecca. It has a distinctive culture, one of which is the Ulee Balang traditional dress. The traditional clothes worn by men are known as Linto Baro clothes. While the women's clothes are named Daro Baro. This traditional dress is usually worn by royal nobles, namely the King and his family and Acehnese clerics at traditional events and ceremonies.

2.Nort Sumatra Ulos clothes


 The traditional clothes of the province of North Sumatra are generally made from ulos cloth. This area, whose people come from the descendants of the Batak tribe, believes that the Ulos traditional dress

has high magical power.

3.Traditional clothing of Bundo Kanduang, West Sumatra

Photo Andalas tourism

 The traditional clothes of Bundo Kanduang from West Sumatra can be divided into two types, namely traditional clothes and clothes of the prince. These clothes are worn in traditional ceremonies of the Minangkabau people.

4.Malayu Traditional Clothes of Riau Province


 Riau's original traditional clothing is called Malayu clothing. Each region has its own style, such as the traditional clothes of Indragiri, Siak and Bengkalis Riau.

5.Malay Traditional Clothing Riau Archipelago

Source :kibrispdr.org

 The inhabitants of the Riau archipelago are ethnic Malays, so their culture and traditional clothing also follow Malay. The men's clothing is called Teluk Belanga which consists of a side cloth, pants and skull cap. Meanwhile, women use brackets and scarves that are draped over their shoulders.

6.Jambi Malay Traditional Clothing


 Jambi traditional clothes are also called Malay traditional clothes like other provinces on the island of Sumatra. Jambi traditional clothing is considered expensive because there is gold embroidery and luxurious ornaments.

7.South Sumatra Aesan Gede Traditional Clothing

Photo by pariwisata Indonesia

 Traditional clothes from South Sumatra are called Aesan Gede. This traditional dress comes from the ancestral heritage of the Sriwijaya kingdom. Sriwijaya is a kingdom that once triumphed in the land of South Sumatra.

8.Bangka Belitung Paksian traditional clothes

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 Traditional clothing from Bangka Belitung is called Paksian. The women of Bangka Belitung wear red clothes with crowns. This shirt is made of silk. For men using a turban named Sungkon.

9.Traditional clothing of Bengkulu Province

Traditional clothing Bengkulu
Photo by Andalas tourism

 Similar to other traditional clothes in Sumatra, women wear long sleeves with round beads and gold embroidery. Men wear traditional clothes in the form of jackets, trousers and sarongs, as well as head coverings and keris accessories.

10.Traditional Tulang Bawang Lampung clothes

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 In Lampung, the traditional clothes are called Tulang Bawang. The areas of coastal Lampung and mainland Lampung have different clothing although there are still similarities. The similarity is the use of tapis cloth decorated with brass or gold metal. Tapis cloth is a woven cloth that is coated with gold ink so that it is expensive.

11.DKI Jakarta Betawi Traditional Clothing

Photo by www.kibrispdr.org

 This metropolitan city also has a culture in the form of Betawi clothes worn during wedding ceremonies. Betawi traditional clothes are a mixture of various cultures, such as Arabic, Western, Javanese and Malay so they have high artistic value.

12.West Java Kebaya Traditional Clothing

Photo by gramedia.com

 Traditional clothes from West Java are also worn at weddings that use native Sundanese customs. The cloth used by men and women has levels that indicate the level or class of the nobility and ordinary people.

13.Pangsi Traditional Clothing, Banten Province


 The Banten region, which is synonymous with the Bedouins, has white traditional clothes. The white color is considered to reflect purity. In addition, there are also traditional clothes that are black.

14.Central Javanese Kebaya Traditional Clothing

Photo by berita 99

 Central Javanese traditional clothes are also called kebaya. One of the clothes worn by women is called a kemben by showing the shoulders. The accessories used by men are keris.

15.Paes Ageng Yogyakarta Traditional Clothing

Paes agung Yogyakarta photo by idewedding

 Traditional clothes from Jogja are almost similar to Central Javanese traditional clothes. This shirt is worn by the bride and groom who are married and has high sacredness for the wearer, so it is not permissible to use it alone.

16.Traditional clothing of East Java Province

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 Traditional clothes from East Java are called pesa'an, especially in the Madura area. This traditional dress is very simple, namely a shirt with red and white lines and loose pants. While women use kebaya with jarik cloth.

17.Balinese Traditional Clothing

Source photo by kata data

 Bali is a province with strong Hindu cultural roots. This has influenced the design of traditional clothing. Balinese traditional clothing reflects social status and is used based on events, such as traditional ceremonies, the age of the wearer and the gender of the wearer.

18.West Nusa Tenggara Traditional Clothing

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 Traditional clothes from West Nusa Tenggara are traditional Lombok clothes. Like other traditional clothes, this dress is worn at weddings, customs and other traditional ceremonies.

19.Ti'langga Traditional Clothing, East Nusa Tenggara

Rote,East Nusa Tenggara photo by orami

 The men from Rote usually wear Ti'langga as traditional clothing. While the women wear short kebaya made from woven fabric.

20.West Kalimantan Traditional War Clothing

Source photo by theasiaparent

 From generation to generation, the people of West Kalimantan have inherited the traditional clothes of war. This shirt is made of ampuro bark cloth. Cloth is made by beating the bark in water.

21.Traditional clothes of Central Kalimantan Province

Source photo Detik com

 Central Kalimantan traditional clothing is used for traditional events and weddings. Men usually use pants up to their knees, a rope as a belt, and a head cover. Meanwhile, women wear short skirts, headbands, and ornaments of hornbills and vests.

22.Bagajah Gamuling Baular Lulut Traditional Clothing, South Kalimantan

Photo by Tribunnews

 There are many types of traditional clothes used by the Banjar tribe in South Kalimantan. One of the famous ones is Gamuling Baular Lulut, Babaju Kun Galung Pacinan, Baamar Galung Pancar Matahari and Kubaya Panjang.

23.Traditional Clothing of East Kalimantan

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 The tradition of the people of East Kalimantan when there is a traditional event is to wear clothes that match the event. For example, wedding clothes are different from traditional ceremonial clothes and dances

24.North Kalimantan Traditional Clothing

Photo by celebes.id

 The indigenous people of North Kalimantan are the Dayak tribe. Traditional clothes that are used when there is a traditional way are indigenous Dayak clothes.

25.Traditional clothing of North Sulawesi 

Photo by orami

Tepu During the Tulude ceremonial celebration, traditional Laku Tepu clothes are worn. The cloth for making these clothes is made from banana tree fiber called kofo fiber. Kofo fiber has the advantages of being strong and easy to weave and spin.

26.West Sulawesi Mandar Traditional Clothing

Photo by cendika

West Sulawesi's traditional clothing is a silk sarong from Mandar which is similar to cloth in general. However, the cloth used for Mandar traditional clothing has its own style and motif.

27.Central Sulawesi Nggembe Traditional Clothing

Nggembe clothes photo by Celebes Id

 Nggembe traditional clothes are traditional clothes worn by Central Sulawesi women when attending traditional parties and ceremonies. The traditional Nggembe dress is rectangular in shape, the sleeves are as wide as the cloth, the collar is rounded and the long blouse is loose at the waist.

28.Traditional Clothing of the Tolaki Tribe of Southeast Sulawesi

Photo by lansano.com
Southeast Sulawesi traditional clothing comes from the traditional clothes of the Tolaki tribe.

29.South Sulawesi Bodo Traditional Clothes

Photo by indozone
Bodo traditional clothes are traditional clothes worn by women of the Bugis tribe, South Sulawesi, Indonesia. This shirt has short sleeves and is rectangular in shape.

30.Gorontalo Traditional Clothing

Photo by liputan6.com
Traditional clothing in Gorontalo can be used for weddings. The groom wears Mukuta's bridal attire, while the bride wears Billu's. The colors of these clothes vary, namely golden yellow, green and purple, each of which has a meaning.

31.Cele Traditional Clothing, Maluku Province

Photo by the asianparent

The Cele shirt is a traditional dress characterized by small checkers and geometric lines. Cele is usually only used when traditional ceremonies take place.

32.Traditional clothing of Manteren Lemo, North Maluku

Photo by www.lensa budaya.com

 North Maluku traditional clothes consist of black striped trousers. The upper part is in the form of a jacket with large silver buttons totaling nine.

33.Ewer Traditional Clothing of West Papua 

Ewer clothing of West Papua photo by geogle image

 The Ewer traditional dress is a traditional dress originating from West Papua.

34.Traditional clothes of Papua Province

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The Papua region is inhabited by many indigenous tribes. Traditional Papuan clothing is usually decorated with birds of paradise, necklaces, bracelets, beads and tassels on the legs.

 The men are generally equipped with shields and spears that give a manly impression. In addition, body parts are also painted, for example face makeup, chest or back. We can see Papuans wearing traditional clothes when there are traditional ceremonies and regional dances.

 Those are all Indonesian traditional clothes which are the hallmark of each culture in the region. Of course, these traditional clothes need to be preserved so that we do not forget the cultural roots of our nation's ancestors.



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