Celebrating Bubble Tea 珍珠奶茶,at Geogle's Home Page on January 29,2023

January 29,2023

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Today (29) pearl milk tea has even appeared on the Google homepage, and an official web game has been launched, allowing users to transform themselves into real Taiwanese dogs and serve people in the forest of various animals to make bubble tea. Today, the machine the leading search released a web interactive game on the homepage today.

 All of you must be familiar with the typical Taiwanese Boba drink, right? If in Taiwan this drink is called Zhen Zhu naicha 珍珠奶茶 So, how did it originate until it is so famous and sold in various countries? Boba drink business is now mushrooming all over the country not least in Indonesia, Asia, and parts of America it has even become a favorite drink for South Korean K-Pop artists. However, many do not know where the origin of this modern drink is.

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 Regardless of the origin of the Boba drink, more and more celebrities and celebrities are trying this promising business. For those who don't know, Boba is a small ball made of tapioca starch, which is boiled in brown sugar syrup to give it a sweet taste and a dark black color.

 Boba has a chewy texture when eaten. Boba is often used as a topping for various variants of drinks, especially milk tea. Quoting from Chowhound, boba drinks come from a tea shop called Chun Shui Tang Teahouse in Taichung, Taiwan. In that year, the tea shop was the first supplier of iced milk tea which was added to the list. 

 Then, an employee at Chun Shui Tang, Lin Hsui Hui, tried to mix tapioca balls from a popular Taiwanese dessert, Fen Yuan, into a glass of iced milk tea. Food historians and bubble tea makers agree that bubble tea first appeared in late 1980s, among Taiwan's thriving cosmopolitan street food culture.

 This boba drink then spread throughout East Asia in the 1990s. Initially, bubble tea could only be found on drink menus in Taiwanese restaurants. However, in the late 1990s, the first specialty bubble tea outlets had opened in Los Angeles which then spread to East and Southeast Asia to New York.

 Taiwan pearl milk tea is famous all over the world, and Google, the leading search engine, also put pearl milk tea on the homepage on January 29, and also paired it with the mini game "Google Doodle" to let Taiwan's classic national treasure, Taiwan's real dog, accompany everyone makes pearl milk tea Cute and special. 

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The Google search engine often launches a small game "Google Doodle" on the homepage, and the current official game is to make pearl milk tea. Apart from Taiwan, there are also many countries that can also play this small game on the homepage. The game's introduction also mentions the Taiwanese drink.

 In addition to local delicacies, the hand-turned shop manager who accompanies everyone in the pearl milk tea making game is a uniquely Taiwanese species "Taiwanese dog" (Taiwan native dog). A total of 5 cups of various kinds of pearl milk tea are made, and pearl milk ingredients are poured into each cup. Reaching the specified line, according to the degree of completion, you can get a star (up to three).

 In addition to playing games to experience the process of making precious milk, this game also introduces the origin of pearl milk tea, which shows that pearl milk tea is a local delicacy in Taiwan originating from Taiwan's traditional tea culture. can be traced back to the 17th century. 

It was invented, and with a wave of immigrants from Taiwan in the past ten years also brought bubble tea overseas, this drink was also brought to the fore,After playing the game, netizens said, "Who last added sugar ", "This is not precious milk, strange color and strange mixing ratio", "Funny", "So much fun!".

  Thought it was only available in Taiwan, but unexpectedly, the homepage of many countries also features this game. , the game introduction also wrote the words Taiwanese drinks and local delicacies, which made netizens praise "Treasure milk is Taiwan's light".

 Click this game "Celebrate Bubble Tea", and there will be small animals making Zhen milk. Yuan Po mentioned in PTT that this animal is not a fox, but a unique species of Taiwanese "Taiwanese dog" (native Taiwanese dog).

 The screen is hand-painted, playing the role of a cute native Taiwanese dog, he will pull the bubble tea shop into the rainforest and make bubble tea for the cute animals. Players must pour the ingredients into the cup correctly and reach the set scale, if managed to make a cup of milk tea, they could get a star.

 During the game, the system will play comfortable and relaxing background music, combined with the white noise of the rain, the whole game is quite healing, and it seems to echo Taiwan, which often rains.


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