Top 10, how to tame a cat to be obedient and smart

January 28,2023


Is this your first time getting a cat? Before getting a cat, it's good if we understand how to take care of it, between feeding it, cleaning it so that the cat stays healthy, cared for according to our dreams and dreams. So if the care is good, our cat will automatically look dashing and beautiful and It's even cuter, isn't it. Cats that have just been separated from their mother or siblings, friends need adaptation just like us as humans. There must be a slow approach and sincere affection because cats have strong instincts of sensitivity too, you know.

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 The most important thing is to observe the cat's behavior before inviting him to play," said Dr. Ryane E. Englar, assistant professor and coordinator of clinical education at Kansas State University in Manhattan, Kansas, quoted from

 This method of getting a cat to obey aims to make it feel more secure and comfortable in the new owner's home.

 Especially for cats with certain breeds, it takes longer to get to know them.

 let's look at the tips below.

 How to get a cat to want to play?

 To make your new cat more obedient and easy to play with, here's a way you can do it.

1.Give it time to adapt

 When you first bring cats home, give them a chance to adapt and get to know their new environment. Resist your urge to play with him soon, OK, .

By getting to know their environment, it will be easier for cats to feel comfortable and safe in their new home. Let him approach first

 Basically, cats have high curiosity. If you let him, he will be more interested in finding out and getting there on his own.

 So, when the cat starts to approach you, take advantage of this opportunity to give a positive impression by stroking it gently. Paying attention to cats shows that you can be trusted.

2.Fishing with cat food or toys

 Surely you already know that cats are animals that really like to play and sometimes often steal food. Well, you can take advantage of these two things to approach them.

3.Prepare food in your hand or use a cat feeding bowl. 

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 Then, slowly you can bring the food closer to them and he approaches it. Do the same thing using cat toys. You can do this regularly so that the cat is more trusting and happy to spend time with you.

4.Avoid making him afraid or nervous

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 Furthermore, avoid making behavior or sounds that frighten cats, such as screaming, music that is too loud, slamming, and other loud sounds. This will make the cat immediately run away and find a place to hide.

 When getting a cat, try not to snap at it and make too much noise in the house. Be gentle so that the cat feels comfortable with you.

5.Respect the space to move

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 If a cat starts to trust, it doesn't mean you can always play with it, right?

 There are times when you have to let them hide when they are scared, nervous, or tired. Make a comfortable and clean cat cage as a place to hide.

 If you disturb their space, cats can become very fierce because they want to protect themselves.

6.Often gently stroked and carried

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 Cats are very spoiled animals and love to be cared for. Therefore, you should spend some time petting his fur and holding him.

 How to tame this one cat can make them feel loved and trust you more. They also become very active and playful because they love spending time with you.

7.Invite to play and walk occasionally


 If the cat looks familiar, try to invite him to play and take a walk. You can use a laser device so that the cat plays by catching the light.

 Apart from that, you can use cat feather toys that cats really like. Don't forget to take him for a walk outside the house occasionally so the cat doesn't get stressed.

8.Don't snap and punish him


 If your cat doesn't obey, don't yell at it or give it a punishment. Because it can cause fear and trauma which will have a bad impact on the cat itself later.

9.Pay attention to its condition and comfort

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 Cats who are comfortable living in our homes will always obey. Let the cats decide when they are ready to play with their owners.

 A sign that the cat is starting to like its new place.

  •  Scratching the surface of objects.
  •  Rubbing his forehead.
  •  A soft growling sound was heard.
  •  Wants to sit or be close to people he trusts.

 This sign gives the new owner a 'signal' that the cat is starting to feel comfortable.

 Some cats may take a while to settle down. While other cats may take several weeks to initiate interaction.

 Quoting Michelson Found Animals, here are some signs a cat is ready to start bonding with a new person:

10.Sign that the Cat is Uncomfortable

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 Signs that a cat doesn't want to interact with us include:

  •  Tail standing or up
  •  Flat ears

  •  The pupils of the eyes dilate
  •  The cat's face looks scared
  •  High growling sound

 A growling sound can indeed be a sign that a cat is comfortable or better. Cats use growling sounds as a way to calm their hearts. Those are 9 ways to tame cats, the key is to be patient and painstaking

 In maintaining it slowly the cat will be tame because of our affection for it

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