What exactly is a Pangasius? unscrupulous sellers pretend to be cod dory and change labels after expiration date to make manifold profits

 January 19,2023

Most pangasius sold in the market has "phosphate" in it. (The picture is a schematic diagram, image source: Getty Images)

The well-known chain restaurant "Jiang Xiaoyu Sauerkraut Pot" was seized for using expired ingredients. The business owner apologized: willing to compensate 5 times the damageTaichung's well-known chain pot restaurant "Jiang Xiaoyu Yuanyang Sauerkraut Pot" was seized by the health bureaus of Taichung, Nantou and Changhua counties, and 39 tons of expired pangasius and other ingredients were seized. Except for the heaviest fine, a fine of 200 million yuan was imposed. According to the letter of suspicion of fraud, it was sent to the investigation office of the Central Procuratorate. 

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The industry issued a statement today apologizing, expressing its willingness to provide damages five times the price of consumer fish products.The Taichung City Health Bureau recently received reports from the public that "Jiang Xiaoyu Yuanyang Sauerkraut Pot", a restaurant chain in the West District, stored expired pangasius (catfish) and sold them to franchisees and consumers. Including Taichung City, Nantou County, and Changhua County, multiple teams of inspection personnel from the health bureaus of 3 counties and cities went to the company headquarters and directly-operated stores, warehouses in Nantun District, and franchisees (Xitun store, Nantou Puli store) of the reported businesses on the 13th. and Yuanlin Store in Changhua County) and other locations were simultaneously inspected.

The Taichung City Health Bureau pointed out that the business purchased the goods from July to December 2018, and the storage period is 2 years. Including the main store, warehouse and franchise stores, the total weight of overdue pangasius was about 39,140 kg (to The due dates are September 4, 2011 and November 7), 570 kg of hibiscus fish (due date of February 16, 2011), and 56.68 kg of sauce ingredients (due date of May 31, 2011) , All seized products have been sealed up to prevent them from entering the marketThe Taichung City Health Bureau stated that in accordance with Article 44, Item 1, Subparagraph 2 of the Food Sanitation Management Act, a fine of more than 60,000 yuan and less than 200 million yuan can be imposed. Involved in the violation of criminal fraud, it was subsequently transferred to the Taichung District Prosecutor's Office for investigation.

The industry operator Weijing International Corporation issued a statement today to apologize. In addition to actively cooperating with inspection, investigation, and health-related investigations, itimmediately removed, recycled, and destroyed the previously disclosed raw materials, hoping to dispel the doubts of the public and consumers.

Taichung's well-known chain pot restaurant "Jiang Xiaoyu Yuanyang Sauerkraut Pot" was seized by the health bureaus of Taichung, Nantou and Changhua counties, and 39 tons of expired pangasius and other ingredients were seized. (file photo)

Weijing International said that any consumer who has consumed fish-related products at Jiangxiaoyu Taichung Public Welfare, Taichung Dadun, Puli, and Yuanlin stores from April 1, 2021 to January 13, 2023, should present the invoice Or credit card consumption records, you can apply for 5 times the compensation for this product from the company, and the company will take all responsibilities with the utmost sincerity. If guests feel unwell, they can contact the company by phone and provide medical receipts and diagnosis certificates. The company will pay 5 times the medical expenses and other damages as compensation, plus 1 times the medical expenses as compensation. Compensation: After the relevant compensation information is verified, it will be issued within 15 days.

Iseating too much pangasius harmful to kidney dialysis? Toxicology expert reveals "here is the key"

A well-known chain restaurant in Taichung, "Jiang Xiaoyu Yuanyang Sauerkraut Pot", is involved in the sale of expired pangasius fish. A restaurant owner pointed out that most of the pangasius fish sold in the market are soaked in "phosphate". Eating too much may cause kidney dialysis, which has aroused public concern. In this regard, toxicology expert Zhao Mingwei said that the key is the "intake dose". If you only eat two or three pangasius fish, you don't have to worry about kidney dialysis at all.

Jacky Bistro Reservation Catering Tavern" posted a post on Facebook yesterday (18th), "Basa fish" is just catfish from Vietnam. Taiwanese love to import it. After soaking in phosphate, it doubles in size and eats too much Phosphate may cause chronic kidney disease, cardiovascular disease, etc. "Several of my friends died after dialysis, so I have worked hard to promote it in the past few years!"

In this regard, toxicology expert Zhaoming Weijin pointed out on Facebook that it is not the first case to use fish to soak "phosphate" pangasius.

Phosphate will affect the absorption of calcium ions to the human body, and it is easy to cause osteoporosis; , Excessive phosphate is a great burden on the kidneys, and long-term high intake can easily cause kidney function problems. But phosphate itself is not bad, because the intake of phosphate is not limited to pangasius. All meat and seafood proteins contain phosphate. As long as you eat meat, you will ingest phosphate.However, Zhao Mingwei emphasized that "dosage is the key." The daily upper limit of phosphate is 70 mg per kilogram. Adults can take up to 2800 mg per day, but it is not recommended to eat the upper limit every day. The general diet will take about 1000-1500 mg, so, in addition to the normal diet, each adult has about 1000-1500 mg of room for phosphate supplements per day. "Based on the phosphate content of 30 mg per sausage, it's about 33. If you only eat two or three pangasius, you don't have to worry about kidney dialysis at all!"


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