Agnes and Mario Dandy Persecuted David Latumahina to a coma Trending Topic, Swearing at Netizens Flooded Twitter

February 25,2023

Mario Dandy Satrio:tiktok mariodandys

The case of the beating by the son of an official at the Directorate General of Taxes (DJP), Mario Dandy Satriyo, against David, son of the GP Ansor Central Executive (PP), Jonathan Latumahina has new facts.

 Initial problems

 Mario's girlfriend, Dandy Satrio, was the trigger for the beating he and his two friends were accused of. David, who was the victim, has not yet regained consciousness.

 Starting from the persecution that occurred in Pesanggrahan Subdistrict as a result of the persecution, the victim David was rushed to the ICU hospital due to his injuries. According to the latest report, the wound on his right cheek was the worst.

 When the incident took place the victim was at a friend's house, then he got a message from his ex-boyfriend.

 From a message his ex-girlfriend wanted to return the victim's student card right away, said Twitter @Lenterbangsaaa_

 There was no suspicion, the victim immediately sent the location of a friend's house until suddenly a black Rubicon car stopped in front of the house.

 It was seen that there were four people in the Rubicon car and invited the victim to go to an empty alley. Unfortunately, in that empty alley, the victim was actually abused by two perpetrators with the main perpetrator Mario Dandy Satrio

 As a result of the assault the victim suffered a serious injury to the right side of the face so he had to be rushed to the hospital.

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 No doubt the figure of David's ex-girlfriend is also a big question mark, who is she really, and what is the motive behind it? Twitter @habibthink, uploaded a photo showing a young couple taking a selfie, the man in the photo is Mario Dandy Satrio, and the woman is definitely his girlfriend.

 David's ex, who is currently Mario's girlfriend, is suspected of being the emotional trigger for Mario to abuse David. It is suspected that the woman who caused Mario's anger was named Agnes.

 "So, Agnes is David's WA to return David's student card that is in her. She asked for a shareloc because David was at a friend's house," wrote @habibthink.

 "It turned out that he came with the perpetrator and abused David at his friend's house," continued @habibthink. It turns out that Agnes was David's ex-girlfriend who was the cause of the persecution.

 "Agnes was David's girlfriend," added @habibthink.

 The alleged motive for the persecution of David was the emotions of Mario Dendy Satrio, who was reported by his girlfriend that when he was David's lover, Agnes had been groped. 

Case like Ferdy Sambo

Ferdy Sambo/PC vs Mario DS/Agnes

Hemmm, the case is similar to that of Ferdy Sambo, because his wife Putri Candrawati's complaints became uncontrollable and in the end a murder occurred.

 Mario Dandy's lifestyle is currently being discussed among the following:

  The Jeep Rubicon used by Dandy when he assaulted David also did not go unnoticed. Apparently, the car still has tax arrears.

 As well as often showing off on social media riding a big Harley Davidson motorbike.

Source:tiktok @mariodandys

 Mario Dandy Satriyo has a luxurious  lifestyle as the child of a main. This can be seen from Mario's pastime of gathering various motorcycles.

The KPK also highlighted the situation. Particularly, the riches owned by Dandy Mario's dad, Rafael Alun Trisambodo, is reported to have reached IDR 56.10 billion. The KPK suspects the jumbo account coming from Rafael. This is because, inning accordance with Corruption Eradication Compensation Replacement Pahala Nainggolan, this huge prize doesn't suit the account of Rafael that functions as echelon III. The KPK will investigate in more information the possessions coming from Mario Dandy Satriyo's dad.

The effect of this situation, currently Mario Dandy Satrio must be in charge of his activities.

Prasetiya Mulya College has formally issued Mario Dandy Satrio since Thursday (23/2/2023). This was the outcome of the persecution that was performed by Mario Dandy to Cristalino David Ozora or David (17) until he dropped right into a coma.

The declaration was formally issued after the management of Prasetiya Mulya College decided to remove the defendant Mario Dandy from Prasetiya Mulya College. The Prasetiya Mulya College management meeting decided to remove the defendant Mario Dandy Satriyo from Prasetiya Mulya College beginning with February 23, 2023, "said the declaration authorized straight by Prasetiya Mulya Chancellor Prof. Djisman Simandjuntak on Friday (24/2/2023).

And in this situation it has dragged his dad to surrender from his position, as well as uncovering abnormalities in the earnings of possessions while offering in taxation.

Mario Dandy is apprehended. Mario is the child of Rafael Alun Trisambodo, a main for the Tax obligation Workplace for Basic Events of the Local Workplace of DGT Southern Jakarta II. Abundant. Mario owns a high-end Jeep Rubicon, license plate created. Mario also often displays Harley's motorcycles.

Mario's dad, Rafael Alun Trisambodo, an echelon 2 official. The Specify Organizers' Riches Record (LHKPN) has a riches of 56 billion, but the luxury car Rubicon and Harley motorcycles are out the list. Vehicle tax obligation isn't paid. Rafael's riches is 4 times that of the Supervisor Basic of Tax obligations, Suryo Utomo.

The 6 well-known tax obligation slogans:

1. Smart Guys Follow Tax obligations.

2. Happy to Pay Tax obligations.

3. Settle the tax obligations.

4. Monitor its Use.

5. Let's Treatment About Tax obligations.

6. What the Globe Says.


All simply slogans? Before the motto project heads out, clean your own house (company) first, Mrs. Priest of Finance


Declaration of the Priest of Finance Sri Mulyani;

1) I condemn Sibling David's awful persecution - we wish Sibling David a healthy and balanced healing. Acts of persecution cannot be warranted for any factor, the lawful process must be purely enforced.

2) I denounce the luxurious and hedonic lifestyle by the ranks of the Ministry of Finance which has triggered the disintegration of people's trust. This betrays those that work truthfully, cleanly and expertly.

3) I instruct the Inspectorate Basic to investigate the resources of riches of staff/authorities that are thought to be unreasonable and to take firm restorative actions.

4) All 78,640 workers of the Ministry of Finance are required to record possessions and possessions - LHKPN for authorities sent to the KPK and LHK for workers sent to the Inspectorate Basic. Conformity coverage of possessions and riches - 2020- (99.86%)- 2021 (99.87%)- 2022 (99.98%).

5) I ordered the elimination of Mr. The RAT from his position is based upon Article 31 paragraph (1) PP 94 of 2021 worrying Self-control for Civil Slaves. Evaluation by the Inspectorate Basic is performed credibly and thoroughly for the decision of stringent and appropriate disciplinary penalty.

6) I understand the public's frustration and rage towards the activities of the ranks of the Ministry of Finance/DGT that betrayed the public's trust. Restorative activities proceed to be performed regularly and securely. Public trust should not be injured or betrayed, we protect it seriously and without compromise.

7) We are thankful to individuals that follow paying tax obligations inning accordance with the legislation. Tax obligations and the #uangkita specify budget are the structure and pillar of the specify, to develop Indonesia.

8) We value and proceed to anticipate the support of the community to take part in protecting and supervising the Ministry of Finance. The general public can send information about grievances, scams, misuse of authority at the Ministry of Finance through our complaint solution at;

Hotline 134

 Kring pajak 1500200



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