an earthquake hit the city of Kahramanmaraş killing 12,391 people,

February 09,2023

 In the quake fixated Kahramanmaraş, 12 thousand 391 individuals have shed their lives up until now. After the quake that hit 10 provinces, there were 1,052 aftershocks. Inning accordance with AFAD information, the variety of workers operating in the quake area reached 110 thousand 571 individuals.

The Presidency of Catastrophe and Emergency situation Management (AFAD) reported that 12 thousand 391 individuals shed their lives and 62 thousand 914 individuals were injured in the quake in Kahramanmaraş at 03.00.

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In a composed declaration by AFAD, 1,052 aftershocks were tape-taped on February 6, 2023, after a 7.7 size quake in the Kahramanmaraş Pazarcık area and a 7.6 size quake fixated Elbistan. In his declaration, it was specified that 12 thousand 391 individuals shed their lives and 62 thousand 914 residents were injured in Kahramanmaraş, Gaziantep, Şanlıurfa, Diyarbakır, Adana, Adıyaman, Osmaniye, Hatay, Kilis, Malatya and Elazığ, and 22 thousand 277 browse and save employees were at work 22,277 browse and save workers, including AFAD, PAK, JAK, JÖAK, DİSAK, Coast Protect, DAK, Güven, Terminate Brigade, Save, MEB, NGOs and worldwide browse and save workers, are operating in the area. The variety of browse and save workers personnel from the nation is 5,709.

TOTAL PERSONNEL WORK 110 thousand 571"

Additionally, the variety of area workers designated from AFAD, Polri, Gendarmerie, MSB, UMKE, rescue groups, volunteers, local security groups and local support groups, and the variety of workers operating in the location is 110 thousand 571.

A total of 5,557 vehicles, mainly excavators, crane vehicles, cranes, dozers, vehicles, sprinkle vehicles, trailers, graders, vacuum cleaner vehicles and comparable building equipment, were sent off to the affected locations. 31 guvs, greater than 70 regents, 17 top supervisors of AFAD and 68 provincial supervisors were designated to the catastrophe location. A total of 122 airplane affiliated with the Air Force, Military, Coast Protect and Gendarmerie Basic Regulate have built air bridges for the delivery of workers and products to the area.

22 ships, 20 by Marine Regulate and 2 by Coast Protect Regulate, were designated to the location for workers, material evacuation purposes and delivery.

"Camping outdoors tents FOR FAMILY LIFE 73 THOUSAND 911 CONSISTS"

In his declaration, it was specified that 94 thousand 744 camping outdoors tents and 1 million 208 thousand 305 coverings were sent out to the catastrophe location by AFAD, the Ministry of Family and Social Solutions and the Red Crescent, and the installation of 73 thousand 911 Family Life Camping outdoors tents was finished.

In their declaration, the Red Crescent, AFAD, MSB, Gendarmerie and non-governmental companies (IHH, Hayrat, Beşir, Effort Organizations) turned over 95 mobile kitchen areas, 79 catering vehicles, 1 public kitchen area, 4 mobile stoves, 39 area kitchen areas, 1 container kitchen areas and 86 solution vehicles to the areas were reported to have departed to the location. 543 deals with and 378 thousand 652 beverages were dispersed in the affected locations. It was reported that 1502 workers and 145 vehicles were sent out by appointed Solution Centers to the provinces of Kahramanmaraş, Hatay, Malatya and Osmaniye.


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