Bitcoin eyes 25% of world's wealth in new $10M BTC price prediction

February 23,2023

Bitcoin growth forecast data (screenshot). Source: ARK Invest

Bitcoin can see its market top increase 500 times over, Jesse Myers thinks, many thanks to its fundamental scarcity and various other characteristics.Bitcoin BTC tickers down $24,002 can hit $10 million each coin or more as it consumes 25% of the global riches, new evaluation has wrapped up.

In an article launched on Feb. 16, money supervisor and Bitcoin expert consultant Jesse Myers exposed his own "shocking" BTC price target.

Myers: "Bitcoin could 500x over the coming years"

Bitcoin may battle with "ruthless" volatility, but hodlers and movie doubters alike should remain in no question about its long-lasting price trajectory, Myers says.

Evaluating Bitcoin's worth proposal, he argues that Bitcoin's ability to value in time means that it's just about predestined to absorb worth from various other possession courses.

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To name a few factors, this is because a possession with such gratitude qualities and enhancing scarcity allows it to fulfill the role of "electronic gold."Bitcoin has an unthinkable property: it obtains better in time. Gold readies at keeping purchasing power, but Bitcoin expands purchasing power," the article reads.

"Value kept in Bitcoin becomes well worth more in time because of Bitcoin's design of enhancing scarcity - you simply need to outlive the (undoubtedly ruthless) volatility in the process."

Such an idea isn't new — it forms the core thesis of many popular handles Bitcoin, amongst them Saifedean Ammous' seminal book, "The Bitcoin Standard."

Obtaining to the numbers, on the other hand, Myers calculates the global allotment right into BTC as 0.05% of available riches since 2023 — $400 billion.

"That is 1/2000th of global possession worth," the post proceeds.

"Keeping that in mind, we need to ask ourselves an important question: when Bitcoin's auto technicians proceed to play out (triggering it to proceed valuing reliably in worth every 4 years), will greater than 0.05% of the world's funding eventually recognize it desires to remain in a possession such as that? I think the just rational final thought is ‘yes.'"

That awareness, Myers forecasts, means that $10 million each bitcoin should be a "conservative estimate."

"Overall, my individual evaluation of where the ceiling is for Bitcoin is simple… it is very high. Almost to the point that I'm embarrassed to show my evaluation," he wraps up.

"My conservative estimates recommend an shocking complete potential for Bitcoin's price: $10m/Bitcoin, in today's bucks. To put this another way, I think Bitcoin's complete potential is to consume ~25% of the world's value… while today it makes up simply 0.05%. That is ridiculous. That means that I think Bitcoin could 500x over the coming years, in real (inflation-adjusted) terms.

ARK Bitcoin "birth situation" currently $258,000 by 2030

"Ridiculous" or otherwise, Myers is much from alone in considering sky-high Bitcoin price appraisals coming real in the coming years.

Some are also requiring the $1 million note to hit before completion of this — ARK Spend, for instance, remained to stick by that very forecast throughout the 2022 birth market declines.

In its "Big Ideas 2023" overview launched at completion of January, the financial investment giant explained long-lasting opportunity as "strengthening."

The firm's "birth situation" for 2030, it exposed, still places BTC/USD at $258,000 by completion of the years.


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