Lantern Festival In Taiwan, Definition,History, Culture and Taboo

 February 05,2023

Are you aware what the meaning of the Light Celebration in Taiwan or what is called 元宵節" (yuan xiao jie) at the same time,intro to the Light Celebration.

The Light Celebration, the fifteenth day of the first month of the lunar schedule, also known as the Shangyuan Celebration, Shangyuan Celebration, Xiaozheng Yue, Yuanxi or the Light Celebration, is the first important celebration after the Springtime Celebration, among the traditional celebrations.

The first month is the first month of the lunar schedule, the ancients called it "Xiao", the Light Celebration is the first moon evening of the year. On today, individuals will light thousands of colored lights, light terminates, guess the riddles of the lights, head out to enjoy the moon, and consume Light Celebration with each other to commemorate this happy celebration and commemorate the extension of the New Year.

Beginning of the Light Celebration

Tale 1: Commemorating Ping Lu

After Liu Bang's fatality, Emperor Gaozu of the Han Empire, Liu Ying, child of Empress Lu, ascended the throne as Emperor Hui of the Han Empire. Emperor Hui was cowardly and indecisive naturally, and power slowly passed right into Empress Lu's hands. 

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After Empress Lu passed away of disease, all Lu's individuals were very scared of being hurt. Hence, they covertly collected at basic Lu Lu's manor and conspired to cause mayhem to totally take control of the Liu family. This event reached Liu Xiang's ears, King Qi of the Liu family.

 In purchase to protect the Liu family, Liu Xiang planned to allow Lu Lu go, and the "Zhu Lu Disobedience" was finally totally suppressed. After the disobedience was quelled, all the priests sustained Liu Bang's second child, Liu Heng, to rise the throne, and called him Emperor Wen of Han. Emperor Wen deeply really felt that tranquility and success were hard made, so he assigned the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, when the "Zhulu Disobedience" was suppressed, as a day of rejoicing with individuals, and every home was decorated with lights and streamers to commemorate. Ever since, the fifteenth day of the first lunar month has become a common people celebration - "Celebration of Lights".

Tale 2: Lantern Celebration

At the beginning of the Light Festival's light viewing, individuals hold lanterns in the countryside to fend off bugs and wild beasts, wishing to decrease the damage triggered by bugs and hoping for a great gather. Since the Sui, Tang and Tune Empires, it was one of the most thriving duration. There were 10s of thousands of individuals taking part in singing and dance. From day to evening, singing and dance continuously to obtain eliminate misfortune. To today, individuals in some locations still use reeds or branches to earn lanterns on the fifteenth day of the first lunar month, and hold high lanterns in teams to dancing in the areas or drying out areas.

The custom of the Light Celebration

Light Celebration Custom 1: Light Celebration Dish

Yuanxiao is consumed on the fifteenth day of the first lunar month. As a food, "Yuanxiao" has a lengthy background in our nation. In the Tune Empire, people was the new popular food throughout the Light Celebration. This type of food wased initially called "Fuyuanzi" and after that called "Yuanxiao", and the business owner also called it "Yuanbao". Yuanxiao, or "tangyuan", is full of sugar, increased, sesame, red bean paste, osmanthus, walnut bits, peanuts, jujube paste, and so on., and covered in glutinous rice flour right into a rounded form. It can be meat or veggies, with various tastes. It can be steamed in soup, deep-fried or steamed, which means a happy get-together.

Custom Light Celebration 2: Shedding the Cannon

The "Southerly Cannon" in Yanshui, Tainan is a beautiful view throughout the Light Celebration every year. "Honey Cannon" is made of 10s of thousands of skies cannons, and the cores of each skies cannon are connected with each other. As lengthy as among the skies cannons is terminated, it will motivate various other skies cannons to pound. Weapons terminated continuously, very hard. It's said that illumination a " cannon" every year is a sign of hoping permanently weather and tranquility.

Traditional Light Celebration 3: Handan Goreng

Deep-fried Handan is a unique custom at the Taitung Light Celebration for nearly half a century. Mr. Han Dan was initially called Mr. Handan, also known as the God of Riches. Inning accordance with tale, "Grasp Han Dan" is normally scared of the chilly. When he headed out, individuals used weapons to chase after him far from the chilly. Anywhere "Mr. Han Dan" went, firecrackers were terminated, and individuals tossed blossoms, fruit and firecrackers at him one after another. Individuals watching had smiles on their faces.

Custom Light Celebration 4:

 Begging Turtle

Every year throughout the Light Celebration, all kinds of "turtles" are put on the facility tables of all holy places in Penghu. Flour, eggs, sugar, granulated oil, and so on. are used as basic materials to earn "turtle-shaped tortoise eggs". ", and the "Fangpian Turtle" glutinous rice formed by Jiatang prays for tranquility, the citizens hold a "beggar turtle" spiritual event solemnly under the warm candlelight.

 Light Celebration Custom 5:

 Light the Skies Light

The custom of launching skies lights throughout the Light Celebration in Shifen Town, Pingxi has a background of greater than 200 years. Light a terminate under a sphere such as a light made of paper, and use the concept of rising warm air to send out it up right into the evening skies. The skies lights in the skies are big and small, rising gradually, such as big and small fireballs flickering, wandering right into the range with the wind, combining with the celebrities in the evening skies, very beautiful. The greater the skies light is put, the greater the good luck. 

Light Celebration Custom 6: 

Guess the Light Riddle

On the fifteenth day of the first month of the lunar schedule, individuals hang colored lights and set off fireworks. After that, some individuals write riddles theoretically and stick them on the colorful lights for individuals to guess. Because riddles can cheer up the knowledge and fill the joyful atmosphere, so many individuals reacted, and after that thinking the riddles has slowly become an essential program of the Light Celebration. Light riddles include to the joyful atmosphere, showing the knowledge of the old employees and their yearning for a better life.

Light Celebration Custom 7: 

Make a Light Celebration

Lantern Festival, photo : FB Agus sjw
Production lights is a conventional custom of the Light Celebration Before the 15th of the first lunar month, lights are hung along the roads, blossoms are everywhere, and lights flicker. The climax is reached on the fifteenth evening of the first lunar month. Traffic signals hung high in the roads and streets. There are royal residence lights, pet

lights, turning equine lights, blossom lights, bird lights, and so on., drawing in individuals watching the lights.

Taboo throughout the Light Celebration

Light Celebration Taboo 1: 

Couple quarrel, children weep

The Light Celebration is the birthday celebration of the Tianguan Emperor, it should be a day of event, so try not to quarrel, fight and various other disputes in between friends, partners or relative, and try not to allow the child weep or hit and scold the child, everybody Agree each various other others gladly that day, so as not to capture misfortune.

Taboo 2 throughout the Light Celebration: 

Most likely to places with yin and misfortune.

Try not to visit burial grounds or places that are too peaceful on that particular day, because those that are mainly yin and yang are weak, particularly those that are not in health, are more most likely to be polluted with misfortune and affect best of luck.

Light Celebration Taboo 3: 

Reducing Hair

You should attempt to avoid reducing your hair on today, because the homonym of "fa" resembles "fa", so reducing your hair stands for reducing riches and reducing riches, so it's difficult to build up riches this year and still ready. best of luck.

The Light Celebration Taboo 4:

 Provide money to another person

There's a saying that you should not provide money to others on the day of the Light Celebration, because other individuals will "obtain" your good luck. Whether you are having actually supper with your family, friends, loved ones, and so on., or advising each various other to bring more cash and charge card, do not unintentionally provide your ton of money for a whole year to another person!

Light Celebration Taboo 5: 


The Tianguan Emperor's birthday celebration is a joyful vacation. It's not appropriate for the fortunate celebrity to eliminate or see blood, or else this year may cause insolvency and bloody catastrophes, but if the occupation is relates to killing, it will not be affected. Everybody, if you see insects on the day of the Light Celebration, please hold your horses!

Light Celebration in English "元宵節" in English can be equated as "Light Celebration" Light Celebration


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