Making the difference: The power of AgriTech and blockchain in the struggle for the future of the planet

February 22,2023

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With 10 billion individuals to feed worldwide by 2050, the globe is looking at blockchain and AgriFi to own technical development in developing nations.Since its creation, blockchain technology has found varied and valuable applications to assist boost effectiveness and incentivize community involvement in various markets and locations.

Farming is a industry that can take advantage of extensive blockchain technology solutions, particularly when it comes to assembling workable information and production it work to improve small businesses' procedures throughout several sustainability metrics and monetary.

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By 2050, it's approximated that 10 billion individuals will occupy the planet, and agricultural development will be an effective system to finish severe hardship, facilitate common success and feed the overall global populace. The global agri-food industry deserves an approximated $8.5 trillion and quickly needs technical development if it aims to accomplish such targets. Farmers throughout G20 countries have access to technology that helps them produce lucrative companies and provide countless individuals with lasting and good-quality food. Such circumstances comparison with arising countries' small farmers that struggle to thrive and produce enough food for their families. Such a space must be decreased and eventually shut if the global target is to accommodate and sustainably feed 10 billion individuals.

Blockchain at work

Blockchain and many various other arising technologies could add tremendously to farmers worldwide in dealing with rising costs of supplies, labor shortages, and consumers' rising assumptions for sustainability and openness.

Dimitra Integrated is a worldwide AgTech company and an AgriFi service provider. Both devices aim to open, accelerate and take advantage of financial investments in developing nations, concentrating on smallholder inclusiveness and agri-business MSMEs.

Its system integrates advanced technologies, consisting of expert system, blockchains, satellites, drones and IoT sensing units, providing farmers with workable information that helps them increase yield, decrease reduce risk and costs.


Along with functioning with federal governments, farming cooperatives, NGOs and for-profit companies, Dimitra has also introduced an individual sponsorship program enabling financiers to risk the projects' native ERC-20 token DMTR and sponsor Dimitra-affiliated jobs and ranches.

The company has currently authorized contracts to sustain several programs worldwide and jobs. For circumstances, a collaboration in Brazil is sealed with Ceres Agrointeligencia to motivate worldwide industrial promo tasks and financial investments through selected technical solutions and devices. Various other jobs are being performed in Bolivia, Columbia, India and Indonesia to advertise the use blockchain amongst their small farmers' companies.

The Dimitra Sponsorship Program assisting farmers

By buying the DMTR token, owners can sponsor a smallholder farmer with a Dimitra Connected Farmer software license for one year to earn beneficial blockchain-based technology affordable. Owners can begin staking their DMTR within the Dimitra Portal and provide a Connected Farmer license with their purchase and DMTR token risk license to ranch sustainably. Significantly, the Dimitra Sponsorship Program is 100% clear. Users can view where their money is addressing perpetuities through the Dimitra Portal.

The fight versus deforestation is crucial for our planet's well- future and being. Woodlands provide numerous benefits, consisting of creating oxygen, controling the sprinkle cycle, protecting biodiversity and dirt preservation, and serving as carbon sinks. However every year, countless hectares of forested land are ruined because of tasks such as unlawful logging, slash-and-burn farming, and land conversion for metropolitan development. The repercussions of deforestation are serious, consisting of dirt disintegration, swamping, loss of environment for wild animals and native neighborhoods, and the launch of co2 right into the atmosphere.

The Dimitra Sponsorship Program is a crucial device in the fight versus deforestation. By purchasing the DMTR token, owners can sponsor small farmers in developing nations, providing them with access to advanced technologies, consisting of blockchain, to assist increase their decrease costs and yields. This not just helps the farmers but also adds to the conservation of the planet's woodlands by advertising lasting farming methods. Additionally, the Dimitra system is clear, enabling tokenholders to see where their financial investment is going and the impact it's having actually. By taking part in the Dimitra Sponsorship Program, DMTR token owners are not just receiving a easy earnings but also production a genuine distinction in the fight versus deforestation.


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