panoramic view of the beauty of Mount Sesean in Tana Toraja, Indonesia

February 01,2023

Sesean mountain,photo:Ig, Aziskuba

Toraja, what comes for your mind when you listen to words Toraja? Yes, Toraja is known as a location whose traditional customs are still thick and distinctive, whose social customizeds are still preserved.

The name of this location must recognize to the ears of Indonesian residents, particularly tourists. This location which is very thick with its social customizeds is a location in the southern of Sulawesi Island, to be precise, at the north suggestion of Southern Sulawesi district. Toraja is currently split right into 2 unique areas, Tana North Toraja and Toraja. His popularity is no much longer unsure. Site visitors are not just local tourists, tourists from various components of the globe group to find to Toraja.

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Rambu Solo, Kete Kesu, Londa, and Lemo are some of the many unique attractions of Toraja that can constantly draw in the attention of tourists. However beginners that want to experience a various experience, Toraja offers another experience from Toraja tourist generally, specifically enjoying Toraja from the elevation of a hill. The hill concerned is Mount Sesean which is the acme in Toraja.

Mount Sesean lies in Sesean Town, Sesean Solora Area, North Toraja with an elevation of 2,100 over water level. From the top of this hill, you can see plainly the green hillsides that border Toraja and the thick negotiations of residents in Rantepao, which is the funding of North Toraja area. Outdoor camping is the right choice when climbing up Mount Sesean. At evening with beneficial weather, the scattering of celebrities and the Milky Way can be seen with the nude eye. Plus, the next day you can enjoy the warm atmosphere of the early morning when the dawn starts to rise.

To obtain to this hill, it takes about 2 hrs by driving a mechanized vehicle from the city facility of Rantepao, after which it takes about 3 to 4 hrs to reach the top. In the process from Rantepao you'll pass many Tongkonan which are Toraja traditional houses, community ranches, and rice areas with up and winding roadways and down. The climbing up point itself begins with a resident's house which is usually used as a place to leave vehicles.

The Mount Sesean track is fairly pleasant, not too uphill. The surface is through land with great deals of large rocks so it takes about 2 hrs by motorcycle.

Scenic view of Mount Sesean that you should know:

  • In enhancement to its beautiful all-natural scenery, the top of the 2100-meter-altitude hill can also be reached in much less compared to 4 hrs. It is not surprising that that Mount Sesean is constantly crowded with site visitors, particularly on vacations.
Photo ss:Ig pendaki berkelana
  • Mount Sesean has a walking path that's not high and severe so it's quite safe for mountain climbers, also children and tourists. The track is also not so uphill and quite easy to pass.
Photo:Ig andryelyonal
  • After getting to post 2 you can see the all-natural scenic view of Batutumonga town and its environments, as well as the look of the city of Rantepao whose beauty resembles a painting that cannot be revealed in words.
  • From post 2 to the top you can also watch the dawn and sundown with thick clouds as much as the eye can see, production the atmosphere seem like you're over the clouds of paradise.
  • Lots of spots for cool and fascinating selfies along the hiking path, production selfies with friends much more interesting.
Photo:Ig,visit sulteng
  • The weather is very bright and cool and does not make you too warm because the wind and chilly temperature levels control more often compared to the heat of the sunlight.
  • Mount Sesean is often used as the place for Indonesian self-reliance wedding anniversary events by various neighborhoods, consisting of handicapped mountain climbers that have celebrated Worldwide Day of Impairments in this place.
Photo:Ig Aziskuba
  • Beautiful all-natural panoramas and a calmness atmosphere, particularly when the hill is bordered by haze, so talking with friends while drinking warm Toraja coffee and tea is of course very interesting.
Photo:Ig Alam fahri
  • At evening, the atmosphere of Mount Sesean isn't intimidating at all because it's interspersed with a mix of celebrities in the skies with a sight of the sparkling lights of the city of Rantepao which is spread out out wide and really feels so shut.
Photo :Twitter
  • When fatigue and sweat wash over, settled by the appeal of all-natural beauty, that is why every outcome originates from a decision, effort, initiative and idea, that an outcome can never ever be separated from the name of hard initiative and process.

Mount Sesean lies in Sesean Suloara Area. It takes about thirty minutes to own from the city of Rantepao, which in the process you'll exist with typical country views, rows of traditional houses to rock graves by the roadside.


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