Swollen Feet, the Causes and the Best Solution

 February 11,2023

Swollen feet certainly make individuals that experience them awkward. This problem can be brought on by various points, varying from standing too lengthy to signs and symptoms of certain illness. By knowing the reason for swollen feet, therapy can be done appropriately.

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Standing or strolling for too lengthy can cause edema or liquid build-up in certain components of the body, consisting of the feet. This can trigger swollen feet. However, this problem can usually recover on its own. However, if swollen feet are come with by various other signs and symptoms, this can be an indicator of a health issue. Various Reasons for Swollen Feet

The following are some problems or illness that can cause swollen feet:


Lymphedema occurs because of damage to the lymph nodes. This problem is often knowledgeable by cancer cells people that are undergoing therapy. This can cause the body to maintain lymphatic liquid and cause swollen feet.

Typical signs and symptoms going along with lymphedema consist of swelling of one leg, easy bruising, and skin enlarging or fibrosis.


 Sprained ankle joint because of injury or incorrect step, can cause the tendon muscular tissues to extend because they need to hold the injured ankle joint. This problem can trigger swollen feet.


Swollen feet while pregnant is a common problem, particularly when the maternity gets to 20 weeks or more. However, expectant ladies need to be alert if swollen feet are come with by a unexpected increase in high blood pressure.

This problem can be a sign that expectant ladies are experiencing maternity issues, such as preeclampsia. If you experience this, right away consult a medical professional.


Swelling in the feet and ankle joints can be a sign of infection. Individuals that are more in jeopardy of experiencing swollen feet because of infection are diabetics. Therefore, if you have actually diabetes, it's important to examine the problem of your feet every time for sores or sores.

5.Blood clots

Blood clots that form in the leg capillaries can quit blood from streaming back to the heart and cause leg swelling. This problem can be lethal if a embolism damages off and spreads out to the heart and lungs.

You need to be alert if swollen feet are come with by signs and symptoms of high high temperature and staining of the feet.

6.Kidney illness

Disruptions in kidney function can cause a build-up of liquid in the body, thus triggering swollen feet. Besides swollen feet, various other signs and symptoms of kidney illness are lowered hunger, exhaustion, shortness of breath, and infrequent peeing.

7.Venous insufficiency

Swelling of the legs is often a very early signs and symptom of venous insufficiency, which is a problem where blood cannot move properly up the leg capillaries to the heart.

This problem can cause swollen feet come with by signs and symptoms of skin changes and infection.

8.Medication adverse effects

Consumption of certain medications can also cause swollen feet because of liquid build-up. Several kinds of medications that have this effect are diabetes medications, NSAIDs, antidepressant medications, steroid medications, high blood pressure medications, and the use medications which contain hormonal agents, consisting of contraception.

Besides the several illness over, swollen feet can also be brought on by liver illness and cardiovascular disease.

How to Overcome Swollen Feet

Mild swollen feet can recover by themselves, but some need to be treated by a medical professional. You need to see a medical professional if you experience serious swollen feet, do not vanish, or have trouble strolling.

To treat issues of swollen feet that you experience, the doctor will provide therapy inning accordance with the reason for the swollen feet. For instance, if a swollen leg is brought on by an infection, the doctor may prescribe prescription anti-biotics.

On the other hand, if your swollen feet are brought on by kidney illness, your doctor can provide therapy inning accordance with the reason for kidney illness or recommend you to do dialysis and also undergo kidney surgical procedure.

Besides clinical therapy from a medical professional, you can also ease issues of swollen feet in the following ways:

  • Use compression socks to prevent blood clots in the legs.
  • Saturate your feet in a bathtub loaded with seawater remedy for 15-20 mins to minimize discomfort in swollen feet.
  • Try moving every hr to extend your knees and ankle joints if your swollen feet are the outcome of resting too lengthy.
  • Reduce weight if you experience swollen feet because of being obese. 

The reasons for swollen feet can differ and the therapy isn't the same. Therefore, you should see a medical professional when you have swollen feet, so that the doctor can determine what causes your swollen feet and treat them appropriately.




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