The 12 Largest Gold Mines in the World and the Facts

February 17,2023

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 Gold became ko wased initially found in 1886 and created a gold rush during that time. The exploration of the gold arcs in the location was an important occasion throughout the Mineral Transformation in Southern Africa.

Inning accordance with research, the location that currently covers the city of Johannesburg to the city of Welkom, was once a large lake, so silt and gold down payments from alluvial gold built up in this field.

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Because of this exploration, many individuals gathered to the Witwatersrand location. Within 10 years, the city of Johannesburg was established as a home for miners and became the biggest city in Southern Africa.

The Witwatersrand Gold Mine started running in 1896 under the management of Anglogold Ashanti and became the world's first below ground gold mine. However, the age of this gold mine just gets to 81 years.

In 1977, the Witwatersrand mining complex was shut. Currently the place has become among the historic attractions in Southern Africa.

Besides the Witwatersrand, the Mponeng Mine in Southern Africa also added to being the world's biggest resource of gold videotaped in background that year. After that adhered to by the Incredibly Match Mine and Newmont Boddington in Australia, the Grasberg Mine in Indonesia, and the Nevada Gold Mine in the Joined Mentions.

However, already new gold mines are beginning to be found. Locations that hold the biggest gold reserves are coming to be significantly limited. Consequently, most of today's gold manufacturing still originates from old mines that have been being used for years.

So, where is the place of the world's biggest gold mine? The following is a checklist of the world's biggest gold mines that are still running today:

The World's Biggest Gold Mine

1.Muruntau, Uzbekistan

The mine, known as the biggest open up match worldwide and qualified of creating 2 million ounces of gold each year, has a huge location, which is 3.3 kilometres lengthy, 2.5 kilometres wide and 600 meters deep.

Located in the Kyzylkum Desert, Uzbekistan. The Muruntau gold mine is operated by Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Combinat, among the world's biggest gold mining companies.

Globe geologists and mining experts, up to Forbes Publication mentioned, that Muruntau remains in the first position as the proprietor of the biggest gold reserves worldwide. The Muruntau gold mine is approximated to have gold reserves of 2,500 to 5,300 tonnes of gold. Gold manufacturing at completion of 2020 reached 66 lots of gold.

2.Carlin, Nevada

Carlin Gold Mine, Nevada, Joined Mentions of America has a mining location that's 56 kilometres lengthy and 8 kilometres wide. Carlin itself is unique as compared to various other mines, because the gold content here's through invisible gold down payments whose processing requires chemical evaluation. Nevertheless, gold manufacturing at Carlin is very high, getting to 1.665 million ounces each year.

The Carlin gold mine wased initially found by Eureka.carbon monoxide in the north city of Carlin, north main Nevada in 1961. With the exploration of the Carlin gold mine, progress in the area of expedition for rare-earth elements led to an increase in gold prices in the very early 1960s. Since the exploration of the Carlin down payments, greater than 100 such down payments containing approximately 6,000 loads (200 million ounces) of gold have been found in Nevada.

This mine has also been operated by Newmont since 1965, beginning with open up match mining which produced the Carlin Match, Gold Quarry, Emigrant and Silverstar. After that in 1994 started below ground mining where each opening was called Deep Post, Carlin Eastern, Leeville and Chukar.

Gold reserves at the Carlin Mine are videotaped at 12.46 million ounces. This quantity consists of open up match and below ground reserves, which have reserves of 5.6 million ounces and 4.87 million ounces specifically. In 2018, Carlin mine manufacturing reached about 927.00 ounces of gold.

3.Olimpiada, Russia

Located in Krasnoyarsk, Eastern Siberia, Russia. Olimpiada is also among the biggest gold mines worldwide. Under the management of Polyus Gold, 77 percent of whose shares are owned by Said Karimov, heir to the billionaire from Russia, Suleiman Karimov.

In its documents in 2019, Olimpiada had the ability to produce 1.38 million ounces of gold. After that in the following year, although manufacturing lowered to as high as 1.20 million ounces. However, in 2020 the record will be the biggest to name a few mining locations.

4.Pueblo Viejo, Dominican Republic

The Pueblo Viejo gold mine is a joint endeavor in between Barrick Gold and Newmont and is managed by the Pueblo Viejo Dominicana Firm. However, 60 percent of the mining rights are held by Barrick Gold Firm and 40 percent are owned by Goldcorp Inc.

It lies in the district of Sánchez Ramírez, Pueblo Viejo, Dominican Republic, 100 kilometers northwest of the resources, Santo Domingo. The mine began manufacturing in 2012 with a yearly gold manufacturing of 30.6 loads. In 2020, Pueblo Viejo was videotaped as qualified of creating as high as 903 thousand ounces of gold.

5.Grasberg, Indonesia

In addition, there's the Grasberg gold mine in Papua, Indonesia. That does not know the gold mine which lies just 4 kilometers from the highest optimal of the Jayawijaya Hills. Its mining procedures consist of the Grasberg open up match mine and 4 below ground mines, specifically DOZ, DMLZ, Big Gossan and Grasberg Obstruct Cavern (GBC).

In 2018, Garsberg has produced at the very least 2.69 million ounces of gold or 178,000 loads each day. PT Freeport Indonesia (PFI) is also bring out a significant development to increase manufacturing to 240,000 loads each day in 2022.

Running since 1972, every year until 2001, the Grasberg Mine had the ability to produce 3 million concentrates under the management of Freeport McMoran, a business from the Joined Mentions. The focus itself is refined sand from ore or mining shake which has gold, silver, and copper. However, since December 21 2018, PFI has managed to obtain a 51% risk in the Grasberg mine in Papua from Freeport McMoran.

6.Cadia Eastern, Australia

Cadia Eastern is known as Australia's biggest below ground gold mine. Located southern of the city of Orange, New Southern Wales, Australia with a range of 20 kilometres. Since its exploration in 1994, the mine is managed by Newcrest and has become the biggest labor force facility in the area with a mine that spans years.

Since its manufacturing in the 90s, this mine has used 2 mining systems, specifically the Cadia Eastern Below ground Panel Cavern Mine and the Ridgeway Below ground Mine. Both can creating as high as 823 thousand ounces of gold each year. Its gold reserves are approximated at 37.6 million ounces.

7.Kibali, Congo

The Autonomous Republic of the Congo has no much less large gold mines. This mine is composed of an open up match and below ground mine which is 220 kilometres from Isro City, Haut-Uélé. Provided the name Kibali because it's shut to the Kibali River.

The procedure is accomplished by Kibali Goldmines. Share possession is held by 3 companies, specifically AngloGold Ashanti with 45 percent, Barrick Gold with 45 percent, and Société Minière de Kilo-Moto (SOKIMO) with 10 percent. The manufacturing capability of the Kibali Mine gets to 808 thousand ounces of gold each year.

It wased initially found in 1903 by Australian miners, Hannam and O'Brien. They found gold in the northeastern Congo and right away began creating as high as 600 ounces of gold monthly. It was videotaped that in August 1906, both of them sent out their first delivery of gold to Brussels.

However, finally in 1926, the Belgian federal government established SOKIMO to run the mine. Most mining at the Kibali Gold Mine occurred from the 1950s, with over 60 percent of manufacturing originating from the Gorumbwa, Durba pits, and Agbarabo.

In the 1960s after the self-reliance of the Congo, there was a sharp decrease in its manufacturing. Most of the gold is removed by employees, artisans and small-scale alluvial procedures. The event of civil agitation in the 1980s and 1990s led to the lack of accurate manufacturing documents throughout this duration.

It was just 8 years later on, in 1998, that Barrick Gold and AngloGold Ashanti entered right into a joint endeavor to complete several drilling programs. However, these tasks were withdrawn because of civil battle.

8.Cortes, Nevada

Besides Carlin, the various other biggest gold mine worldwide which is also located in Nevada, America is the Cortez Gold Mine. Energetic since 1862, production it among the earliest mines worldwide still running today.

It began with mining manufacturing through silver. Beginning in the 1940s, Cortez started creating gold as the main mining item, until in 2020 it managed to produce as high as 772 thousand ounces of gold.

The Cortez gold mine has 3 os, specifically Pipe and Southern Pipe which are open up match mines, and Cortez Hillsides which is still incomplete for below ground mining.

It's managed by Barrick Gold, in collaboration with the Bureau of Land Management and the Nevada Wild animals Cortez. The inclines of Cortez Hillside will start to be rehabilitated, after since the beginning of procedure the green land is gotten rid of for mining. Additionally, Barrick also plans to open up a brand-new roadway to Cortez through Cortez Canyon.

9.Lihir, Papua New Guinea

Our surrounding nation also has the biggest gold mine worldwide which lies in Lihir since 1997. Lihir lies 900 kilometres northeast of the Resources City of Port Moresby in the District of New Ireland and lies in a volcanic crater. The manufacturing yield is quite high, which can get to 772 thousand ounces each year.

The Lihir mine has gold reserves of 24 million ounces since December 2018, and has produced 933,000 ounces of gold in 2019. Most of the gold produced from this mine is refined through stress conventional cleaning and oxidation. Energetic since 1997, this mine is owned and operated by Lihir Gold Limited (LGL), which combined with Newcrest in August 2010.

10.Loulo-Gounkoto, Mali

The Loulo-Gounkoto gold mine complex lies in western Mali, surrounding Senegal and beside the Faleme River. Uniquely, this mine has 2 various mining permits. Societe des Mines de Loulo SA has a certificate to manage the Loulo gold mine, and Societe des Mines de Gounkoto handles the Gounkoto gold mine.

For both Loulo and Gounkoto, 80 percent of the shares are owned by Barrick Gold and 20 percent are held by the federal government of the mention of Mali. In 2020, manufacturing reached 544 thousand ounces of gold.

In Mali, gold is an asset that owns the people's economic situation for centuries. Lengthy earlier, vendors on the North African coast would certainly pay handsomely for Mali's gold and produce which were after that exported to Europe and on West europe or australia or the Center Eastern. So, the Loulo-Gounkoto gold mine is also among the earliest gold mines worldwide that are still running.

11.Southern Deep, Southern Africa

Southern Deep is a gold mine which is also located in the Witwatersrand, Southern Africa. However, its area exists outside the gold arcs of the cities of Welkom and Johannesburg. Specifically located at 45 kilometres southwest of Johannesburg.

Southern Deep is among the earliest and deepest mines worldwide, with a mine deepness of up to 2.9 kilometres listed below the surface. Beginning procedures in 1961, the mine was known as the Western Locations Gold Mine until 2000. Gold Areas became the proprietor and driver of the Southern Deep gold mine until in 2006. The gold mine is also split right into 2 os known as the Southern Axis Complex and the Double Axis Complex.

Mineral reserves managed at Southern Deep since December 2018 reached 32.8 million ounces. With a lot gold included, the life of the Southern Deep mine is expected to be included 2092.

12.Norte Abierto, Chile

The Southern American area also has a large gold mine, to be precise in the Atacama area, Chile. Barrick Gold and Newmont Goldcorp are the companies that own and run mines in this field.

The Norte Abierto gold mine isn't yet functional and is presently developing an open up match mine. The mine has an approximated 23.2 million ounces of proven gold reserves since December 2018. 2 down payments called Cerro Casale and Caspiche which lie at a range of 12 kilometres from each various other, within the Maricunga Gold Belt in North Chile, will be mined as component of the project the.


Those are some of the greatest gold mines worldwide. Some of them are centuries old mines that are still running today. Although the manufacturing outcomes are not as prime as before. Currently many new large gold mines have been found. One that has been serviced is the Norte Abierto Mine in Chile.

In truth, there was also an outcry in Congo when the exploration of a gold hill in Luhihi Town in February 2021. Inning accordance with the BBC web page, Luhihi's Gold Hill has about 60-90 percent gold in it. The high gold content there makes gold very easy to obtain simply by dipping the dirt from the hill right into the sprinkle. In Indonesia itself, which is the earliest and biggest mine worldwide, specifically the Grasberg Gold Mine, Papua. Not just in Congo, Indonesia has also found a brand-new gold mine in the Dompu location, West Nusa Tenggara and has been serviced by PT Aneka Tambang Tbk since 2021.


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