The Benefits of Ranti fruit and the Facts

February 18,2023


Solanum nigrum, the European black nightshade or simply black nightshade or blackberry nightshade.And in Indonesia 

Ranti (Javanese) or leunca (Sundanese)which is rich in benefits. Who knows the ranti fruit? This fruit, which is also known as leunca, is usually used by Sundanese people as a vegetable. So do not be surprised if not many people know about this fruit. But who would have thought, this fruit that is not famous actually has properties that are quite interesting. For more details, the following article will discuss the benefits of ranti fruit.

 An Overview of Ranti

 Ranti or Leunca (Solanum nigrum) is a type of vegetable belonging to the eggplant group originating from West Asia. Usually, ranti can thrive in the open such as rice fields, fields or yards.

 Ranti fruit besides the fruit can be eaten if it is ripe and black. It turns out that the green ones can also be processed as chili sauce or fresh vegetables, and the young leaves can be cooked in stir-fries, soups, salads or fried in flour. To minimize the bitter taste, you can use salt when boiling it. then wash in running water, drain.

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 In Taiwan, Ranti fruit is called ourea, and can be found in gardens, forests and rice fields.

 Ranti plants usually have a height of about 30 to 175 cm and have many branches. The leaves are alternate, in groups and oval in shape with a tapered tip and base but wavy to flat. The flower of the ranti plant is also a compound interest with 2-10 florets in white or violet.

 The ranti fruit itself is round in shape with a diameter of 0.8 to 1 cm and is green when young and turns black-purple when old. The fruit is in bunches. At a glance, the ranti fruit is shaped like a mangosteen fruit but smaller. When ripe, the ranti fruit looks shiny and contains lots of seeds. Ranti fruit seeds are flat round, small and white. Meanwhile, the taste of the ranti fruit itself is crunchy and a little unpleasant.

As has been said before, the fruit of the ranti is widely used as a vegetable. However, it is not uncommon for people to use this fruit as herbal medicine. However, keep in mind that not all ranti fruit can be consumed safely. Ranti fruit that has been thick and ripe can contain poison in it, depending on the strain. Types of edible ranti fruit are those that contain low levels of poison. Ingredients of Ranti Fruit

 Before talking more about the ranti fruit, it would be nice if we first discussed the content contained in the ranti fruit. Ranti fruit is believed to have a lot of nutritional content such as Vitamin C, Vitamin A, iron, phosphorus, calcium, fat, saponins, DNA and atropine. In addition, there are also glycoalkaloids solanine, solasonin, solamargine, solasodin, diosgenin, tigogenin, saponins, tanning substances, fatty oils. Benefits of Ranti fruit

 Due to the content contained in it, ranti fruit is believed to have many properties that can be beneficial to the body. The efficacy of this ranti fruit is also said to have been discovered since 2000 years ago. In order not to misunderstand, here we present what benefits can be obtained from consuming this ranti fruit. The benefits of consuming ranti fruit are as follows.

 1.Anti Cancer

 Ranti fruit is believed to have anti-cancer properties that can help prevent and cure cancer. This is because this fruit contains nutrients that are good for the health of the body, especially in preventing cancer.

2.Has analgesic ability

 Ranti fruit is also believed to have analgesic abilities that can reduce pain and aches.  This is because the ranti fruit contains compounds that play a role in helping reduce pain due to inflammation and swelling.  To help treat pain and pain in the body, you can try to consume this one fruit.

3.Helps prevent inflammation

 Still regarding benefit number two, ranti fruit can also be useful to help prevent inflammation in the body such as sore throat and mouth inflammation.  To get these benefits, you can consume this fruit until the inflammation in your body subsides.

4.Boils medicine

 Another benefit of the ranti fruit is as an ulcer medicine.  If you have boils that bother you, you can use ranti fruit as an herbal medicine to relieve skin diseases such as boils.  You can get this benefit from using ranti fruit and ranti leaves as a topical medicine to cure boils.

5.As an antipretic

 Ranti can also be used as an antipyretic which can cool and relieve fever in children.  To get these benefits from ranti fruit, you can consume ranti fruit by mixing it with other vegetables or boiling it.

6.As a male contraceptive 

Ranti fruit is said to be believed to be a natural contraceptive for men. This is because consumption of ranti fruit is believed to help reduce sperm production and fertility in men.

7.As an antibacterial

 Ranti fruit can also be useful as an antibacterial which can counteract various kinds of bacteria that can cause various kinds of diseases. This is because the content contained in this fruit can provide benefits for you to protect yourself from germs and bacteria that can interfere with your body's health.

8.Helps prevent canker sores

 Thrush is a disorder that is usually found in the mouth due to a lack of vitamin C intake. Did you know? Consuming ranti fruit can also help prevent canker sores. This is because the content of vitamin C contained in ranti fruit can also be used as a canker sores prevention drug. In addition, consumption of ranti fruit can also help the body to overcome various problems of oral infections.

9.Helps overcome herpes

 If you are exposed to herpes, it would not hurt for you to try eating rancid fruit as a traditional medicine to help treat herpes. The content of compounds contained in ranti fruit is believed to be able to effectively prevent the onset of herpes and the symptoms that arise.

10.As an antioxidant

 Who would have thought that this fruit that contains toxins actually contains antioxidants that are useful for the body. When consumed, natural anti-oxidants contained in ranti fruit can help fight free radicals that can cause various diseases.

 In addition to the benefits above, there are also other benefits that are no less tempting than consuming ranti fruit.

 The benefits include the following:

  •  Helps nourish the eyes
  •  Helps maintain endurance
  •  Good for bones
  •  Helps healthy teeth
  •  As a source of vitamins
  •  Helps nourish the skin
  •  Helps shed urine and launch the urinary tract
  •  Relieves breath and relieves coughs
  •  Prevent hypertension
  •  Improve liver performance
  •  Relieve back pain, gout and aches and pains
  •  Helps cure rheumatism
  •  Helps fight damage to the kidneys.
  •  How to consume Ranti fruit as

 Usually, you can consume ranti fruit as fresh vegetables. But as an herbal medicine, or by adding 10 pieces of ranti fruit to vegetable juice. Apart from that, you can also boil 20 grams of ranti fruit in 800 cc of water, remaining half. Then consume in the morning and evening as much as 1 glass per drink.


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