Top 2 Grilled Chicken Recipes Popular and Very Delicious

February 05,2023

This time we discuss delicious snacks made from Chicken,

Everyone must be familiar with Chicken, and of course no one is unfamiliar with Wong Solo Grilled Chicken. One of Solo's special dishes has indeed mushroomed and can be found in many cities, it's no wonder this Solo Wong Grilled Chicken is always crowded with buyers because there is no doubt about the quality of the taste.

 So, this time I will share the secret recipe for making this phenomenal solo roasted chicken. Instead of buying it, we'd better make it ourselves because it's really easy to make and guaranteed to save expenses. If you have a celebration or event, you can make it yourself without buying it at the Wong Solo restaurant, because the recipe we are going to make is exactly the same as the one at the Wong Solo Grilled Chicken restaurant.

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 The ingredients used are also very simple and not too complicated to make this one chicken. Guaranteed to taste super delicious and not disappoint. Okay, get on with it, bund, the methods and materials used are as follows:

 Make Delicious and Easy Wong Solo Grilled Chicken

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  •  1 tablespoon coriander
  •  1 thumb ginger
  •  1 cm turmeric
  •  1 free-range chicken, cut according to taste
  •  4 roasted hazelnuts
  •  1 lime
  •  8 garlic
  •  10 shallots

 Additional Ingredients:

  •  1 teaspoon pepper
  •  4 tablespoons of sweet soy sauce
  •  Powdered mushroom broth to taste
  •  500 ml of coconut water
  •  Salt
  •  5 lime leaves
  •  1 tablespoon of brown sugar

 Stuffing Ingredients:

  •  1 lime take the water
  •  Leftover seasoning
  •  3 tablespoons of melted margarine

 How to make:

 The first step wash the chicken thoroughly, then rinse it with lime and let it sit for about 15 minutes, then rinse it and set it aside

 Then  boil the chicken for about 5 minutes so that the excess fat is wasted, after that just drain the chicken

 Next,  sauté the ground spices until they smell fragrant, then add the lime leaves plus the pepper, brown sugar, sweet soy sauce, and mushroom broth salt.

 Next, put in the chicken and stir until evenly distributed, then mother add enough coconut water so that the chicken is submerged

 Then you cook using low heat, you cook until the spices are completely absorbed and the water has reduced, then turn off the heat

 The last step, mother, heat the grill and take the chicken, then spread the spread ingredients that have been mixed together before being burned so that later the taste will be more savory

 Sambal Match Ingredients:

  •  2 teaspoons of powdered mushroom salt/broth
  •  1 tablespoon of sugar
  •  5 handfuls of red cayenne pepper
  •  4 centung hot oil
  •  12 garlic

 How to make:

 First of all,  wash the chilies + onions

 Then  fry using hot oil for a while

 After that, remove it and grind it coarsely and add the salt, sugar, and mushroom broth

 Lastly,  heats the chili sauce using oil until cooked earlier

 Good luck.

 Make Delicious and Delicious Rujak Spiced Roast Chicken.

 Chicken Bakar Bumbu Rujak is one of the menus and recipes that are easy to make. Roasted chicken is a type of food that is processed by roasting and is usually cooked over fire or heat or you can also use a rotary grill so that the seasoning circulates more pervasive and efficiently. Grilled chicken is indeed a lot of devotees, from children to adults, and it's not surprising that chicken ingredients themselves are a favorite menu and the staple food for the family if you want to serve dishes that are different from the existing menus. The Roasted Chicken itself has a variety of variations that can be combined with some tempting chili preparations, such as roasted grilled chicken with rujak spices.

 Talking about variations of grilled chicken, this time we will make a variation of grilled chicken that is different from the other versions, namely grilled chicken with rujak seasoning which is certainly different from the others and tastes much better and very unique. The process of how to make it is also very simple and doesn't take time.

 Making the marinade is also very simple and the ingredients needed for the marinade itself are also simple and non-complicated. Here is the process of how to make delicious rujak spiced grilled chicken:

 Delicious Rujak Seasoned Roast Chicken Recipe And Different From The Others.

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 Red sugar to taste

 10 grams of tamarind

 2 large lemongrass stalks, bruised

 Salt to taste

 1 chicken with a maximum weight of 700 grams, then slit the breast until it breaks, then mother presses it so it can widen, then mother coats it with lime juice and let it sit, no need to rinse again

 8 pieces of lime leaves

 500 ml coconut milk from 1/2 coconut

 2 bay leaves

 Smooth Material:

 A piece of ginger

 10 shallots

 4 candlenuts

 12 curly red chilies

 5 cloves of garlic

 How to make:

 The first step is to stir-fry the ground spices until completely cooked

 Next, input, lime leaves, bay leaves and also lemongrass

 Next, pours salt, coconut milk, brown sugar, and tamarind

 Then  put in the chicken and stirred until completely blended

 Then  uncovered the chicken until the spices really seeped in and the coconut milk dried up

 Lastly,  grilled the chicken until completely cooked, then removed and served. 

 Good luck!

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