What is Cronos?

 February 07,2023


INTERMEDIAT is the first blockchain network to run with the Ethereum and Universes ecosystems, sustaining DeFi, metaverse and NFT. It aims to massively range the Web3 user community by giving builders the ability to immediately port applications and crypto possessions from various other chains at inexpensive, high fast turn-around, and throughput.

CRO creator

Crypto CRO was introduced by the company Crypto.com as component of its vision to "put cryptocurrency in every purse." Crypto.com itself was established in June 2016 as "Monaco Technologies GmbH" by Kris Marszalek, Rafael Melo, Gary Bobby Bao, and Or. Kris Marszalek, an alumnus of Adam Mickiewicz College in Poland, had established and goinged 3 companies before beginning Crypto.com. Rafael Melo obtained his design level from PUC-Rio.

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Over a profession covering over 15 years in finance, Melo has functioned with significant Oriental companies and assisted secure over AUD 50 million in financing for social business website Ensogo.Gary Or is a software designer with over 9 years of experience complete pile method. Bobby Bao formerly operated in the M&A division of financial investment financial institution China Renaissance. Bao has examined at the College of Melbourne, NYU Demanding Institution of Business, and the University of William & Mary. 

CRO Originality

The CRO blockchain is primarily concentrated on providing Crypto.com users with functionality solutions for resettlements, monetary solutions, and business.

CRO proprietors can risk their coins on the Crypto.com Chain to serve as a validator and receive fees for processing deals on the network. Additionally, CRO coins can be used to settle deal fees on the Crypto.com Chain.

Within the structure of the payment application Crypto.com Pay, users can make up to 20 percent cashback by paying vendors at CRO, and up to 10 percent by buying present cards and production peer-to-peer transfers to various other users.

Cronos is powered by Ethermint, which enables fast porting of applications and wise agreements from Ethereum and EVM-compatible chains. Cronos' base negotiation money is CRO, the native token of its identical blockchain, Crypto.org Chain.

Built with the IBC procedure from the first day, Cronos enables interoperability and a connect to the Crypto.org Chain: a completely decentralized, open up resource, and power efficient public chain with high inexpensive and speed. It also facilitates interoperability with various other IBC-enabled chains (e.g., Universes Center, Terra) in a decentralized manner.

Ethereum + Cosmos

An EVM built for interoperability and offering reduced fees (much less compared to 1 USD each transaction), high throughput (sustaining 50 million deals each day), and fast conclusion (equal to obstructing time, or 5-6 secs).


Tendermint can process more deals each min compared to most public blockchains, production it much faster, less expensive and more eco-friendly to perform wise agreements.


IBC is a procedure that allows blockchains to talk to every other; it can move worth, trade possessions and solutions, and connect without experiencing the scaling problems fundamental to some of today's biggest blockchains.

Easy Implementation

Mobile Web3 application code with collections and requirements from/to any EVM chain. Developers can easily release dapps on Cronos with acquainted devices.

Crypto.com Community

A collection of items offering greater than 50 million users.

Cronos is among minority chains that exists at the joint of Ethereum and Universes

This is an EVM chain built in addition to the Universes SDK, enabling the chain to enjoy the benefits of both ecosystems.

Cronos offers fast negotiation and inexpensive deals

Universes SDK is an open up resource blockchain structure, powered by the tendermint agreement engine. This enables instant negotiation, where deals can be verified within secs and at very reduced fees compared with Ethereum.

Cronos accepts multichain interoperability

Users can enjoy smooth move of electronic possessions throughout EVM Layer-1 and various other Layer-2 chains and within the Universes community via IBC.

Cronos has IBC capability

IBC allows Cronos to communicate with various other Cosmos-based chains that support IBC (e.g., Universes Center, Osmosis, Terra, Injective, and so on.), thereby enabling easy move of possessions throughout it. This further prolongs the energy of Cronos native possessions to various other ecosystems and allows Cronos to support native symbols from IBC-enabled chains.

Cronos is power efficient and has a reduced carbon impact

Cronos is 90% more power efficient compared to evidence of work blockchains.

Smooth possession transfers in between Crypto and Cronos.org Chain using the Cronos Connect

Users can move CRO from the Crypto.org Chain to Cronos using the Cronos Decentralized Connect, which uses IBC. As both chains expand, a greater variety of possessions will be transferable through both.

Crypto and Cronos.org Chain support various implementation of wise agreements and languages

Compared with Crypto.org Chain, Cronos works with EVM and supports strong wise contract implementation. The Crypto.org chain will implement CosmWasm wise contract implementation in the future, targeting Corrosion developers and Go. Cronos is more targeted at developers that have previous experience building Ethereum or various other EVM chains, and want to develop DApps on Cronos using solidity

The Crypto.com community item collection is perfectly incorporated with Cronos

New DeFi users can easily switch from Crypto.com to Cronos. Crypto and Cronos.com are independent entities, but Crypto.com offers support and sources for the Cronos community. 

Crypto.com's collection of items, such as Application, Trade, and DeFi Purse, presently support Cronos. Users can perfectly connect possessions from the Crypto.com Application and Trade to Cronos, and quickly the DeFi Purse will support more of the possessions available on Cronos as well.

What is the future for Cronos?

At the last AMA, Group Cronos common their next turning point:

✓Introducing the Cronos roadmap covering multi-chain interoperability, as well as extending the IBC connect to more Universes blockchains and sustaining more Cosmos-based possessions.

✓Welcome new users to Cronos, consisting of those that have never ever listened to of DeFi and Web3 before.

✓Accelerate cryptocurrency fostering, and begin new DeFi jobs, metaverse and video games.


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