Twitter down the same day Jack Dorsey introduces decentralized alternative

March 01,2023

Image: AP

Thousands of Twitter users were not able to view tweets while Jack Dorsey's decentralized social media network Bluesky ordered attention online.Twitter endured another outage on March 1 as thousands of users flagged problems with Elon Musk's social media system. 

The outage occurred as Twitter creator Jack Dorsey's new project, Bluesky, entered into beta testing.

Information from Downdetector revealed thousands of issue records from Twitter users from 9 am UTC, with problems gradually being dealt with over a 5 hr duration. 59% of the reported problems were from mobile application users while an additional 35% of problems were flagged by website users.

Twitter is yet to issue any updates on the root source of the outage, but various records indicate that users in various components of the globe knowledgeable problems. Problems consisted of the Following and For You feeds not showing any tweets or content.

The New York Times reported that an additional 200 workers had been retrenched from the company over the weekend break. Since Musk took control of the social media system, Twitter's staff numbers have been decreased from over 7500 to under 2000. Inning accordance with the record, item supervisors, information researchers and designers were amongst those that were let pass the company.

While Twitter grappled with its most current outage, Dorsey's decentralized social media system Bluesky entered into private beta testing. 

As Cointelegraph reported, the mobile application appeared to select users through an invite-only beta testing.Inning accordance with initial records, the application is available on the Apple application store since Feb. 17 and had over 2000 downloads by completion of the month. The application isn't yet available on Android.

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A record in January recommended that Twitter was developing payment features for the application, with the opportunity of onboarding cryptocurrency functionality in the future. The social media application also presented a cryptocurrency price browse feature in January which featured over 30 various symbols.

The social media network Twitter is experiencing a worldwide outage currently, with most users not able to revitalize or sometimes also load their timeline feeds. Neither the Twitter website neither the Twitter iPhone application work properly. Sending out tweets operates in the application, but in most instances just the writer can see their tweets offered the timeline does not work. 

Twitter browse does not work either. There are thousands of records of outages on the Down Detector website.It this uncertain what created the outage, but Twitter conducted its 4th rounded of layoffs over the weekend break, reducing 10% of its remaining labor force. 

The layoffs supposedly hit several divisions, consisting of advertising and framework design, leaving the company with less compared to 2,000 workers. It had about 7,500 when Elon Musk took control of.

Bluesky become a side item of Twitter in 2019, intending to produce an open up and decentralized standard for social media.

At the same time, another decentralized social media system, Damus, went live in February 2023 as well. The system is a messaging solution improved Nostr, a decentralized network powering secured end-to-end private messaging and various other solutions.


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