What is JOMO in crypto trading?

March 14,2023

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JOMO is that "I-was-right-about-the-market" joyous feeling after narrowly running away a poor profession and possibly tragic losses.JOMO stands for the pleasure of losing out — especially when a cryptocurrency investor refuses to follow the group. It is the opposite of FOMO or fear of losing out, and it is the counterbalance to price rallies owned by buzz and craze.

What is JOMO in crypto trading?

In crypto trading, JOMO originates from not following the herd — which is often incorrect — and avoiding a possibly considerable loss.

For instance, the constant favorable hire the Bitcoin market throughout the 2020-2021 bull run most likely motivated many individuals to buy on top, anticipating more advantage. Many market commentators, consisting of experts at Standard Hired and JPMorgan Chase after, forecasted in 2021 that Bitcoin's BTC tickers down $24,814

price would certainly get to $100,000 by completion of the year. 

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The widely-tracked stock-to-flow model further enhanced the favorable disagreement, provided its precision through most of Bitcoin's bull and birth cycles.However, Bitcoin's price dropped except its popular $100,000 target after peaking out in November 2021 at $69,000, down 60% since.

Thus, the JOMO investors that either sold or didn't buy right into the rally at the moment appeared on top. Moreover, they retained the funding to enter at lower degrees when FOMO was missing, such as in June 2022, which marked Bitcoin's most current price bottom.

JOMO after Bitcoin price optimal

Market viewer Michael Gogol was just one of minority JOMO investors that didn't buy right into the overly-optimistic Bitcoin forecasts in late 2021. He decreased his crypto direct exposure a month before Bitcoin's optimal, revealing his alleviation in May 2022.

On the various other hand, one investor confessed that he had bought Bitcoin at $60,000 in October 2021 after obtaining convinced by the market's anti-inflation narrative. He said:

"The entire inflation point finally clicked. I panicked and entered almost at ATH of 69k. Really feels bad. Went down the rabbit opening, hrs of research."

Turning FOMO right into JOMO

FOMO stems from the objective of generating income quickly. Many investors think they can double or three-way their financial investments within an issue of days, weeks or months by spending cryptocurrencies. 

Usually, investors with FOMO may open up or shut their professions numerous times a day without placing substantial thought or strategy behind them. These high-risk professions also psychologically impact investors, also prominent to stress and rest deprival.

Here are 4 actions that a investor can require to transform FOMO right into JOMO:

1.Develop a trading plan.

2.Maintain a trading journal to monitor your trading patterns.

3.Analyze potential professions using numerous metrics, consisting of essential and technological evaluation.

4.Overlook feelings, follow your plan and change accordingly.



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